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Comments on Google play



Would love to give them 5 stars but the malware scanner simply does not function when running in the background or with the screen off. It's a shame because it's arguably one of the best malware scanners out there. It just stops or slows down to a snail pace if you turn off the screen or navigate to a different app or page. It seems like basic functionality they should have fixed.



It won't even start! First let me say I kinda know computers/ devices fairly well. During the setup and permissions it got caught up in this loop on the last one with permission for access to various apps it does not move on. My system cache/ RAM/ Storage are not issues here. The Thing has a bug before it even starts? 🤔



It is a heavier drain on the battery than I'd like, so I hope they fix that. Otherwise, it's great, very low profile, with minimal notifications. I also like that it tells me which apps it has checked, since that has shown me a couple new apps that had been installed without my awareness.



Very nice mobile security app. Easy to use once you get it set up. Not intrusive at all to the everyday functionality of your phone, and that's what a good security app should be. You feel secure knowing it's there, and it does it's business in the background! Thanks for a nice "free" product!



It works well with my device, it works as any of the fee based AV software on the market, does NOT contain adds, I could not ask for more from them. Besides, I have used their enterprise solution with MailSweeper for SMTP, Sophos has been around for a while & I am grateful they're providing users protection for their personal devices add free, Thanks Guys...



Read full comment. Useful information. I like this app, but it *eats battery. Over an eight hour period it uses over 30% of my battery. I do have it optimized for battery usage. * Sophos replied to the above statement. Turn off scheduled scanning, scan media and monitor sd card. Saying that it wasn't necessary since apps are scanned when installed. Doing that made a huge difference. :-) ** If these functions aren't necessary, make them off by DEFAULT !!!



Was working great for the longest time but over the past few months the App Lock feature doesn't work on some of the apps it had been setup on. It doesn't work on facebook or my email even though it is set to only open by the pattern established. Would have given 5 stars if this worked. I'm starting to look for another app that will do what I want it to to protect ALL my apps.



Does well enough, but I'm only using it due to company requirements. Seems to mask what type of connection is being used (wifi or cellular data) which causes several other apps to behave poorly. Google maps won't keep offline maps updated automatically (thinks its connected to cell not wifi), Disney+ refuses to download content for offline use claiming to be waiting for wifi, even when connected to wifi. Other apps behave similarly. Only started happening when I installed this one.



By far, the most comprehensive suite of security services and features that are available for mobile devices. Malware for mobile devices has become ruthless and can completely hijack your system trapping you in virtual private networks with open source software that can easily be missed by the average user. Root kits, boot kits, and virtual machines have replaced brute force and password cracking. Man-in-the-browser attacks can keep you from connecting to update servers. This one covers all.



Several times, I've loaded this app for malware prevention and uninstalled it to try another app. Now it's on for good. It's not as flashy as some of the competition, but works quietly and effectively. I'm particularly pleased with the link checker and web filtering. So impressed, I've gone so Sophos Home Premium for the desktop. Well done, Sophos!


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