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Comments on Google play



Otherwise good; one serious glitch: after defeating Robotnik in Spring Yard Zone and freeing the animals, as Sonic runs off the screen to the next zone, you hear the "falling into a pit" sound, indicating death, then lose a life, to find Sonic back at the checkpoint before the boss. I would rate this perfectly, but this flaw makes the game unplayable past a certain point. Please fix this!



This port isn't very good. The controls do not work great for touch screens, which causes frequent unfair deaths throughout the game, and there is screen crunch. For example, in Marble Zone, I am trying to take 50+ rings to the goal and then some badnik shoots me off-screen which makes me lose all my hard-earned rings! I hope the devs make the controls and screen crunch better.



It's a great port and I purchased the game to support the developers and remove ads. Everytime I open the game there is an ad plus a section in the corner to view more ads if I want. I have no problem supporting developers, but I'm disappointed that this is how they're going to operate. Granted the purchase price was only $2, but it was claimed it would be ad free. Disappointing from a franchise I grew up on and have a lot of fond memories of.



Nostalgic but STRESSFUL. It truly is like the good 'ol 90s Sega cartridge, however the toggle buttons are DREADFUL. Since you can't feel them and they aren't tangible it's very easy for your thumbs to glide away and cause a hedgehog death. Also for some reason, the invisible menu button pops up at the most inopportune times. Like when you're jumping over spikes, then after it interrupts your game you have to endure up to 30 second long ads, ultimately sealing your fate. Prepare for STRESS! :)



I loved playing the first Sonic game when I was a kid, so it delighted me when I was looking for mobile games to find this one for free with advertisements. The ads are not as intrusive as I thought they would be, appearing at the ends of levels and I could close out of them right away most of the time. Otherwise i would have to wait 10 seconds to close them at worst, and then I can immediately keep playing without a hitch. You can save your game as well, apparently. I haven't tried this yet, so I can't attest to anything about that, but, neat! There is also a mode where you can play without any saves, like the original. The one issue I have with this game are the controls, which initially seemed to work like a charm. On either side of the screen there is a wheel/button. On the left you use it to control which direction you're headed, while on the right you tap the button to jump. I didn't have any issue jumping, but I did repeatedly get killed by an issue where the left wheel would deselect after a few seconds of me holding it down. This would especially kill me when I was hopping over enemies, spikes or falls. That being said, I'm sure this is playable, as I've made it beyond the first level and boss, but not much farther yet. There may just be a learning curve in regards to the controls. I did entertain myself with it for a good hour or so while I was out and about today. I would say that if you want to play Sonic the Hedgehog on the go, then yeah, this works fine, and you can play it for free! I have yet to try this with a controller to see if I have more success, but it seems like it would ruin the point of playing on the phone. It doesn't hurt to try and see if you can get the hang of it. Thanks, SEGA!



Whenever you get a game over, theres an ad. Then it takes you to the main screen, which shows you an ad. Then you go to play, and you get another ad. Just pausing the game and going back in gives you 2 ads, sometimes crashing the game altogether. And I don't know if its chosen by the creators, but theres lots of ads that have fake skip buttons that take you to the app store, screwing up your game further. Then guess what? After that, you go back in and see ANOTHER AD.



I'm not having the ad issues some are describing; I get one ad, it clears, I continue playing. The controls can be frustrating. Since there are no physical buttons I find myself having to look down to see where the buttons are on the screen from time to time. Graphics and sound are exactly as I remember and the game flow is nice and smooth.



I used to absolutely love this port, but as the Samsung OS has been updated, this has slowly started to worsen. When I frst got this, it was free, and there were no ads. Then once they were added, the time attack mode glitched out, and then the game started running horribly. If you can fix this issue, then I may try again. Sonic 2 is MUCH better at the moment.



Good idea to bring the game to mobile. I loved the game when I was younger, but I can't play this. The game wasn't designed to be played using a joystick-like control. It needs individual buttons for directions like a keyboard has. With the current controls, Sonic's movement and abilities are difficult to control and I keep constantly inadvertently moving my finger too low, causing Sonic to roll, or making Sonic roll when I try to turn around.



This is the perfect moible port for a game like that. I'm fine with the ads and the controls. And the cool part, you can skip the ads. Yeah, you heard me, SKIP. And I really like the main menu, it looks cool. And I never played the first sonic before, AND THIS IS PERFECT! The best part are save files. Once I got a game over, it took me back to the menu, and then, I saw the first save file tell where I left off, Marble Zone Act 1. In the genisis version, it just restarts the whole game. Good job


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