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Name Slendrina (Free) Extension: apk
Version: 2.0 Size: 34.5 MB

Comments on Google play



I rated 1 because I'm very slowly but little bit boring and if I see slendrina i can't turn and lagging after 5 day's I'm very close at the end and then I was lagging I'm back at the start why you know what I gonna delete this it's little bit fun and little bit boring



Only bad parts , nothing good at this game . The caracter moves too slow , the maps are empty and boring , the "objects" are too hard too find , the graphics are horrible and slendrina spawns are wierd, sometimes she doesnt spawn at all and sometimes she appears after 10 seconds.



Slendrina (Free) is actually very creepy... When slendrina pops up in the screen, we will be shocked.. that's good. But the storybase ( what to do in this game ), movement of my character is very slow, graphics are not that good and objects are very very hard to find... But if you want to play a game that is very dark and creepy, Go get it but if you are font of storyboard games, i won't suggest you... Had an ok time.. Not bad. But definitely not the best Devloper game. Granny 3 is the best!!!



This game is too scary and Difficult to find objects . she pops and jumpscare r really Dangerous and when we look at slendrina she kills us so who ever is downloading the game all the best and slendrina is really scary ghost. well I know it's not real and it's cell phone game but still when she come front and scare I scream loud and my mom shouts.thus is cell phone game but when I start thus game my heart started pumping outside and iam scare to play this game and iam not going to play this game.



I have three suggestions please add more buttons like jumping,have a more maps and a multiplayer game mode overall it is a good app👍.



It's a nice game but this game has so much dark remove some dark and add some maps plese dvloper add more maps and more difficulty level .



I don't really know if I enjoyed it or not. my complain is that it is /I am moving extremely slow. I could barely get away from slenderina, but I think I enjoyed it.....please increase the speed that's the only thing bothering me... but otherwise it's OK I guess...



It is kind of glitchy so I don't really like it so just fix tbe glitch and then I will change my mind not trying to make you feel down about your game because you did the best you can but please just fix the senstivity so I can go faster please and thank you.



I like the game but fix one thing devopler.. slendria pops up crazy when you get. All 6 objects fix that plz plus can you in slendria the basement I call why easy mode of the game and it it's like hard mode



I really enjoy it, ik that its a old game but u got a complete horror experience with this games, maybe the graphics and controls are kinda and needs to get an update but its still so good for me, i luv you DVloper <3

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