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Category: Role games

Размер: 209 MB

Updated: 04.02.2024

Developer: GEAR2

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Slayer Legend is an exciting and functional game that is offered to play for both children and adults. The application is easy to download and available in a free format. For convenience, it is proposed to use the main parameters of the utility, which are available to users of a certain category.

Story line

A crack of unknown origin, formed in a certain dimension, brings real demons to this civilized world. The world urgently needs a real hero who will put an end to all chaos and trouble. It remains only to become a real fighter to protect the whole world.

Game Benefits

  • Endless game. It is proposed to use the functionality of the application, where it is easy to receive the richest rewards. Ten minutes is enough to fully explore the fantasy world.
  • Retro pixelated indie game. This game is offered for the entertainment of several people, which is filled with additional features and activities. This adventure invites you to meet beautiful elves and other characters, especially a wandering swordsman.
  • Dynamic improvement of the main character. Raise your own game level to improve equipment. It is also proposed to open additional magical abilities.
  • Easy to create your own strategy. Develop your strategy and specific tactics to enhance your own character as much as possible using a functional skill combination scheme.

The game is regularly updated and has numerous positive qualities. Play and benefit from the process to earn more cash prizes.

Security of Users' Personal Information

To control complete security, users are invited to first study the rules of the game, which carefully prescribe how exactly they will have to play, what information will be required, and so on. Security and privacy, according to the founders, is guaranteed to users. Obtaining additional functions and features will depend only on the specific region in which users live, but also on their immediate age.

Slayer Legend for downloaded 1 times. Slayer Legend is distributed freely in the file type apk.

Game Slayer Legend has been checked by VirusTotal antivirus. As a result of the scan, no file infections were detected by all the latest signatures.

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How to install Slayer Legend

  1. Download APK file games from
  2. Locate the downloaded file. You can find it in the system tray or in the 'Download' folder using any file manager.
  3. If the file downloaded in .bin extension (WebView bug on Android 11), rename it to .apk using any file manager or try downloading the file with another browser like Chrome.
  4. Start the installation. Click on the downloaded file to start the installation
  5. Allow installation from unknown sources. If you are installing for the first time Slayer Legend not from Google Play, go to your device's security settings and allow installation from unknown sources.
  6. Bypass Google Play protection. If Google Play protection blocks installation of the file, tap 'More Info' → 'Install anyway' → 'OK' to continue..
  7. Complete the installation: Follow the installer's instructions to complete the installation process.

How to update Slayer Legend

  1. Download the new version games from
  2. Locate the downloaded file and click on it to start the installation.
  3. Install over the old version. There is no need to uninstall the previous version.
  4. Avoid signature conflicts. If the previous version was not downloaded from, the message 'Application not installed' may appear. In this case uninstall the old version and install the new one.
  5. Restart game Slayer Legend after the update.

Version History

Slayer Legend 500.2.3
04.02.24 204.9 MB Download
Slayer Legend 500.2.5
04.02.24 206.8 MB Download
Slayer Legend 500.1.3
14.11.23 199.6 MB Download
Slayer Legend 500.1.5
14.11.23 199.9 MB Download
Slayer Legend 420.7.6
19.10.23 198.7 MB Download
Slayer Legend 420.7.8
19.10.23 198.7 MB Download
Slayer Legend 420.7.9
19.10.23 199 MB Download
Slayer Legend 420.6.4
23.08.23 198.2 MB Download
Slayer Legend 420.6.5
23.08.23 198.5 MB Download
Slayer Legend 420.6.6
23.08.23 201 MB Download

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