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Developer: Splend Apps
Categories: Tools
Android version: 5.0+
Size: 6.4 MB
Downloads: 2
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Updated: 11.08.2022
Limitations: Everyone


Screenshot is an application for Android, which, in fact, allows you to take high-quality screenshots on a mobile device with their subsequent processing.

Functional features of the application

Literally translated from English, the word "screenshot" means "screenshot". "Shot" also means "recording" in the jargon of photographers. In short, it is a screen capture that is captured by an embedded or third-party application on a mobile phone.

This allows the user to record certain things, such as if an error message is shown on the display, or the website is not displayed correctly in the browser. The company's support team can use the screenshot to help resolve the issue you are experiencing.

With a screenshot, you can also freeze and save achievements in games or special moments in a video. There is even a special category of users who like to take screenshots from the desktops of their computers or phones - to show off the installed applications or wallpapers.

The program presented here provides the easiest way to take a screenshot without rooting the device. Download this application can be recommended to the widest circle of users who do not want to get confused in more complex programs for taking screenshots.

Of course, you can use the built-in tools for taking screenshots. For example, by pressing certain key combinations on your phone and tablet. However, this is sometimes not so convenient. And the functionality is rather curtailed.

Speaking about this application, the following functional advantages and features can be noted:

  • Possibility to specify the destination folder where the screenshot will be recorded in the future;
  • Preview the screenshot you just captured to determine if it is worth saving or cano immediately delete and not clog up space in the device's memory;
  • User can crop the screenshot at will;
  • Draw with your finger directly on the screenshot;
  • Enter text;
  • And also immediately send a screenshot by mail or messengers.

It is very easy to master the work in the program. Even the most novice user can do this. The developers have tried to make the interface as beginner-friendly as possible.

It is important that the application is distributed free of charge.

How and where to download

To download this program, just go to our website.

We suggest downloading the ARC installation file first. It has been checked for viruses, so you can download it without fear for the safety of your device.

Next, the file is transferred from the computer to the phone or tablet and opens there in the target folder. You can use any file manager for this.

It remains only to run the ARK file for installation - and the system will do the rest by itself. When the installation is complete, the corresponding icon will appear on the display of the device.

Come to us - and download the latest versions of utilities, useful programs and, of course, mobile toys.

Screenshot for downloaded 2 times. Screenshot is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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