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It's a way too nice app for people who have already learnt chess. But is not useful for beginners. Well, not only this app,but most of the apps provided for chess are only for people who atleast know the basics of chess. I advice u to learn chess by joining a class or learn from someone who is an expert and not wasting time on such apps. But yet I'll say it is a nice app👍☺️



Very simple to use. Good skill levels. Draws are sometimes called that are actually wins if played out. Ads are not bad, and easy to by pass if desired. Over all, this is among the best.



Really enjoyed playing chess , using this app I've tried others but will be sticking with this one. Good game play, and graphics pretty good. Started on a lower level then slowly playing against the computer worked me level up !!!



1. Castling often doesnt work. 2. Often it suddenly says "draw" while it is not/it was loosing the match. These issues are such a turnoff. Otherwise it's great. Please fix these bugs.



Very enjoyable, nice board & figures, started off at level 3 but during endgame found the suicidal AI moves a bit disappointing. I guess this is meant as encouragement for players at such level. At level 5 a while now and endgame less blatant "gives" but still evident. Probably at highest level full push back...



This chess game has a clean user interface with ads that don't obstruct gameplay. So far I've only played against levels 1 and 2 but it's very enjoyable! Multiple board colour options is a nice touch.



Compared to many other chess games I have played, the pieces appearance and scale are easily recognizable and for me , results in my thinking being allocated entirely to the strategies and nothing being allocated to deciphering the symbol. Kudos to the designers!



Im trying this chess app for the first time, but I have tried other chess apps, and this one is excellent. Nice home page, graphics, even sound effects. Don't let the ads distract you and you'll enjoy.



This is a great game even if you are a beginner at playing chess. It moves quickly and there ate very few advertisements. It has an undo feature if you make a foolish move so that you can learn from your mistakes and improve your skill.



Well , here are all the reasons why I play chess is because , this game helps me to think outside of the box and to really use my brain (to think hard about what you would have to do) , it also helps me as an individual to think quickly or very fast. And most of all this game can really help me in high school. Think outside of the box guys !!!!!😜😜😜😜


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Chess - Strategy board game
Added: 2021-05-28
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