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Fishing Life

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Developer: Nexelon inc.
Categories: Entertainment
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 85 MB
Downloads: 20
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Updated: 22.01.2022
Limitations: Everyone


Fishing and Life is a casual fishing simulator that lets you feel like an avid fisherman. The game is available on mobile phones running Android.

Game Features and Features

  • Colorful, unpretentious graphics and musical accompaniment will only complement the picture of spiritual satisfaction and inner peace.
  • Juicy sound effects, in particular the cry of seagulls, the sound of waves, distant sounds of fish will not leave you indifferent: after some time of playing, you will have a strong desire to abandon the game device and go fishing for real.
  • Simple game mechanics and sophisticated underwater world make the game even more attractive: no one knows which fish is hiding under the depths of the water until you cast a line and learn it through the underwater camera.
  • The game provides the ability to change the fishing set for more modern equipment (line, fishing rod, boat).
  • The more modern equipment a fisherman has, the farther he can go into the sea, which means catching more exotic fish.
  • Caught fish can be collected and collected in the aquarium, thereby collecting an unforgettable and unique collection of trophies.
  • In some cases, if you are very, very lucky, you can even catch a shark, a small sperm whale, or a whale.
  • The game is not demanding on the hardware of a mobile device: it will do Android no older than version 4.4 and several tens of megabytes for installation.

The player takes control of a typical, average guy who, under the influence of depression, recalls the happy years of fishing with his father and decides to make drastic changes: he takes Dad's old fishing rod, a motor boat and goes to a calm harbor in order to fish with relish in the atmosphere comfort, tranquility and peace of mind.

The game does not pretend to be any seriousness, offering gamers a purely entertaining element and the opportunity to relax while unpretentious fishing with simplified game mechanics. Actually, the gameplay is sharpened on this: know yourself, sit in a boat, listen to the cries of seagulls, sea waves and calmly catch fish that will fall on the hook.

Nevertheless, the process is, nevertheless, not without difficulties: if the fishing rod is in the basic configuration and is not advanced, too large fish can break the line and break off at the most inopportune moment, therefore, for especially large and attractive trophies you will have to properly hunt.

Fishing Life for downloaded 20 times. Fishing Life is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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