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Rogue Agents

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Developer: Midnight Games
Categories: Action
Android version: 5.0+
Size: 50.3 MB
Downloads: 25
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Updated: 07.09.2020
Limitations: Teen


Rogue Agents is an online shooter game with captivating visuals, many characters, weapon models and battle locations. Each selected agent differs in functionality and abilities - the hero can jump, climb roofs, walls or other objects.

Application Description

To be able to participate in the game, you should download Rogue Agents and first familiarize yourself with its features

Before starting the game, you should decide and choose the agent you like, who will then fight against opponents.

It is interesting that more than ten people can meet at one location to find out who is stronger. In this situation, parkour plays an important role - a kind of way to hide from the enemy at the right time. In this case, the player can change cover and look for a place from where to shoot at the group. You can eliminate the enemy using any methods that are available, but it should be borne in mind that each enemy can only be hit with an accurate headshot.

In addition, you can choose your favorite hero as a pair.

During the battle, you must use different types of weapons, which you can independently choose.

The hero is controlled using the main menu on the left side of the screen, and the buttons for shooting and settings are located on the right.

Choice of weapons and hero
The game features a large selection of heroes, which consists of dozens of characters. You can and should choose not only the hero you like, but also firearms from the list of those offered. In addition, you need to take a first aid kit, grenades and everything that you may need in battle.

In battle, it is necessary to show speed of reaction, accuracy, attentiveness and accuracy. During the game, the hero is in constant motion - climbing walls, jumping, catching up with opponents, finding cover, shooting.

The game features a large selection of weapons, several entertaining game modes, and well-developed locations.

Rogue Agents Benefits

  • Exciting graphics and gameplay dynamics;
  • Large selection of agents and weapons;
  • Great opportunities for heroes;
  • Vertical gameplay;
  • Clear and easy control;
  • Several game modes.

This makes Rogue Agents a great addition to the action game collection.

Rogue Agents for downloaded 25 times. Rogue Agents is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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