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Comments on Google play



A truly useless app. As others have stated, you cannot log into a Sony account, and you can't do anything without signing in. If you are looking to fill up storage on your device, this will help. But if you're looking to do or see anything related to the game, please move along.



The most ridiculous set of work arounds for a simple app in history. Fix this, there is no excuse to have a broken app, when you squeeze every cent out of the game. Really? wow..... No, it's not working for me, and I actually know what I'm doing! > 0 stars for being so lazy with scorekeeper app!!!!



App on android doesn't even let you log into the app data usage. Only on WiFi, which is pretty pointless. Works fine on WiFi, 1 star till fixed This error has been happening for months now



Sony login utility doesn't work. Might not be the Rock Band Companion apps fault if the tool for PlayStation login doesn't work or needs to be updated. Although, they could simply implement a web-based login.



I'm able to keep track of my Rock Band Rivals Crew pretty fairly with this app. It's a nice little companion to have to keep track of how your people are doing while you're away, or even while you're playing.



I literally just downloaded this app to be able to participate, but it won't let me log in. Click on the Sony button, loads, then freezes up and does nothing. Won't need it after tonight so I'm uninstalling now and not going to have to reinstall, shame it didn't work though.



Same problems as every other Sony user. Like, have you guys read these reviews? No one can sign in, many submitted tickets. Your response to our issues has been non-existant. I love playing RB but I think this app is horrible, not that I have had a chance to use it because I can't sign in. Fix it or take it down.



Will not even open on the Pixel 3 - immediately crashes, so in addition to not being accurate since LP was added, now I can't even check to see what the challenge is and what songs are included. Completely useless.



I really want to like it as I absolutely adore Rock Band but this app is a drag. Can't sign in no matter how hard I try. Cleared cache, uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times. It's just not happening. I'm sorry Harmonix.



Just installed, won't let me log in (ps4). As stated by others, it doesn't do anything. If I exit out when Sony logo appears it takes me to sony, but even there, it still won't let me sign in. Honestly just wanted easy access to song list (that i could preview). So I could add newer songs.


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Rock Band Companion
Added: 2021-12-21
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