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Good application with 3d experience. Only problem with online multi player search/bookmark option is not present. Update on Jul 2022: mark as fevorite is enabled. This app is best chess app.



Best app for playing online only lifeline during lockdown....Now a days I have to wait 10 mins just to get a match online....the app is getting slow day by day in terms of online match.....if they don't advertise and get enough users then users will keep on decreasing and matching will get slow and slow and one day I will also have to leave the app.



I previously rated this game 5 🌟, but not anymore. I've played this game for year and in recent years it makes me not want to play chess , the Internet connection is horrible and it seem therr is a cheat or hack where your opponent can get you disconnected when you have the advantage and whenever I make a move , my opponent goes offline , my time keeps ticking and his gets additional minutes , this is difficult to understand and makes the game frustrating to play .



There are 3 major issues in current app version : 1) Sometimes the Rook doesn't reach to desired destination and stucks in between somewhere (most probably near to destination). 2) Getting more disconnection frequently even using high speed internet for this game. Also when it happens, it's not showing Red colour bar. 3) Sometimes the Request functionality doesn't work. It stucks on request loading.



The timer on this game is useless. How can you play chess if the timer times you out with time still left on the clock. Or you'll start a game and after the very first second you lose 5-10 seconds. The connection is absolutely horrible too. Not customization to your profile either. The developer obviously does not monitor or update this game, but the ads work 100% if the time.



Quite possibly the worst chess app in the history of chess apps! In the puzzle part they make taking other pieces a priority over a single move the puts the opponent in mate. Seriously?! Also, in the puzzle part, pieces that should be on the board, according to what's been eliminated aren't there. Not sure if the developer(s) even know how to play chess. I would give this a -11 star rating if I could. This game is a disgrace to the game!



It's my fav chess app, even though I give it 4 stars not 5, because it doesn't have the ability to play an online match with a friend. Note: If online mode is disabled (can't load other players), it's maybe because of your profile name, try to change it in settings.



Nice chess app for a quick one, but no way to save games or see prior moves. The engine is also pretty weak, even with the (cloud based) "advanced AI" enabled.



Some players put too much time for each move and abuse it when they are going to lose. This is a great bug for this app.



Always loved this app and rated it 5 for the last five years or more. The recent updates have killed it. Has become much slower, has added many additional steps before you begin the game. Offline version has become quite useless. Difficulty level is locked at 5. Developers - Can you make the older versions available? I found a few online but not sure those were legit.


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