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I've had this App for a couple years and a couple of phones. Truly a Chess Simulation and it's amazing. Especially compared to the other options. Unfortunately it's 3 stars instead of 5 for one reason, no online PvP. This App doesn't need leaderboards and ranking etc. Just the ability to look someone up by email and share a simulated game. It's a luxury digital chess experience, and that's the key it's lacking.



Three stars for the visuals but the gameplay against AI is way way too difficult. If there's any android chess game out there in the world this is by far the most impossible not the most difficult "impossible" game to win. Imagine that's only on the second difficulty setting, "Normal" and the level on that AI is ridiculous. It's a beautiful game in my opinion, stunning visuals.



It's pretty good for those who want a realistic simulation of a chess board, it gives you a good idea of how I'd be to play OTB; the computer is decent, just relaxing trying to beat it with that background music. Although I think a lot of features could be added, it fulfills its purpose.



Nice chess game with escalating levels of difficulty but I am not a strong enough player to state whether the highest level of play is challenging or not. I love the graphics and game motion and control. I wish the game ending ads were not so noisy and intrusive. Also wish there was an exit button or menu selection instead of forcing me to exit to android home screen and close the app externally.



Its OK, but the customization options are VERY limited and NOT good at all! There should be more elegant traditional & fantasy tables, boards, pieces & table decor options for the serious chess player who enjoys a unique historical ambiance. like the castle eras of England! The game would be better too, without music, but instead with sounds of the pieces moving, when moved.



The most wonderful Chess game I have ever played. The graphics, the lessons for each topics and the matches are all spectacular and wonderful. The only reason I reduced two 🌟 stars is that:- 1} After selecting a piece, there must be an option to deselect it as well. 2} On the home screen of the game, pressing the back button is useless. It has to work. If these two advancements are made in the game, i would give it a five 🌟 stars. Best of luck !!!



Love this game! As a novice chess player, I appreciate the cues that show me the options for each move. It's challenging, and both exhilarating and relaxing to play. Beautifully designed, as well. Questions are quickly answered to help me improve my game, which is helpful! Couldn't ask for more!



Love the 3D, the custom options and the levels of difficulty are good to learn and challenge your self. You can also play with someone else adding more fun to ad app. I would recommend to try it out I'm sure you would like this app. Graphics are great depending on what device you use, iPhone for example looks great no lag what so ever even in a low end device, it will still work good with the difference of lower graphics but still really good. 😉♟️



This is a very cool chess game experience. The graphics are GREAT and the electronic guide that teaches and highlights possible moves is also great especially for new beginners. The problem I'm having is I can't exit the game without restarting my phone. That makes it a bit of a pain. Otherwise I highly recommend it.



I really love this game, the board and graphics are beautiful, and there's a nice sound in the background. It has different levels of play and several different avatars who can play with you or you can play other people. Really fun and no ads pop up to distract your game. You can also customize the table, items on the table, colors and types of boards. Very nice app♥️


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