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This game is just a broken piece of mess. The model is so dead and blank. The gameplay is just absolutely boring. And the game is just broken in general. The battery in this game is broken. How am I supposed to beat the night, if the battery almost dies every night. I DEFINITELY do NOT recommend this game. Just buy FNaF at this point, this game us a huge mess.



this game is so cuul I love it allot. I wish I was in this cuul game. I want to meet this bunny wabbit he is sooo cute 🥰 and cuul and this game is suu spockey I get scared allot 😱!!!!! Anyways I want more games leik this 1 thank u very much. Xoxo - Cartman



This Game does'nt work i tapped on the computer it actually worked but i tried moving around but i could'nt move this Game is a waste of time.



so bad! the game is lacking creativity there is some background music no sounds for turning on the lights and shutting the door. the other thing is the jumpscare noise sounds like a burp or a fart, nothing scary. This game is really boring. I do not recommend this game. thank you for reading this review. Have a nice day. And Stay Safe!



Well, I died from the alien. Normal. Funny enough it stayed in the room. This glitch was so funny. Please do not patch that. I only rate 4 bc when you are trying to move side to side, it sucks (not the game, the movement). Check this game out if you like fnaf. A perfect fan game. Please add more animatronics though.



It's funny how bad and lazy this game is. Theres only one sound effect for the jumpscare which just sounds like someone breathing in a mic. Jumpscare is just the characters sliding up your screen. The design is just a basic pizzeria with a simple bunny that looks like a short chubby badly made spring bonnie. No walking animation which would be fine but the character slides? Really if I could rate it one star I would



Some others might not like this app, but really, I do. It's fun, some people might not agree on this, but I believe you should continue on the app. I hope you update the game to add more. But, there are a few bugs. First, when the power goes out, you can still glitch into the cams and see where the moving npcs are. Also, when the power goes out, you can still spam the button for the doors, and the doors will close for a few seconds then open, that's how I beat night 3. But, I do like the game.



It wasn't as laggy as some other games but... the other games have more to them! Having a storyline could help and have the animatronics actually being animated (walking movements and etc) instead of them just going through walls would make this game better! The area tou are in is noce but...yeah...



Its ok but its not the best. The jumpscares are off and you gradually get more "animatronics ". Infact theyre barely jumpscares. You run out of battery pretty quickly but also gain them back easily which takes all the fun out of it. It also took me ages to find out where the security room was because the map didn't say



Okay, so I am too cheap to buy real fnaf that i play fan made games. This game is def. not the worst, but it was very boring. As well as that my game often glitched off and I had to restart the whole game over. Also the power went by very fast so i had to watch multiple ads. And I wish there was more than 1 animatronic. I rate this game a 2 out of 5 for it wasn't the worst \, but def. not best.


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