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Comments on Google play



It is a very useful and entertaining work tool to use. It has the ability to captivate the audience in seconds. I recommend it for all kinds of presentations, whether is personal, educational or professional.



the free trial only allows you to look. No creation or customization available. if you like what you see then subscribe. so much for trial. then again this only from a mobile device. perhaps life is different on a desktop.



Thought I would use prezi for a presentation job interview. Never again! The pesenter view cue notes have a glitch making it impossible to type, or copy and paste from word. On the day of the interview I realised you can't have the presenter view saved to USB only the slides.



The best ever for presentation! I enjoy every minute I work with that. It was great if you could run a share video presentation with another user at the same time though.



It's nice, but they could add more animations and not moving stickers maeby.



confusing on how to access any other prezi slide other than their "getting started" document. The only other way involves searching for the document I want online so that the app can recognize and request to view it in-app. Even so, it's extremely unlikely that the app will recognize it, leading to me having to retry and retry making the whole process annoying and disappointing 🖕



Although a great presentation tool but the software hangs and drops at times. The desktop app also malfunctions at times. The website consumes a lot of power. Only Mp4 video format can be uploaded which limits usage of video from mac especially the animated ones.



Love this tool. Only thing I wish it would do is give me a little more control while casting. Like, with the ability to better see where I am from the phone and whether it is responding. Could the next buttons stay visible, rather than disappearing? It's still great!



Remote Functionality Doesn't Work The accompanying Windows app and Android app do not work as intended. Updated Bluetooth drivers on both laptops and devices, the latest Android phone (Galaxy S21 Ultra), and multiple, modern laptops with Bluetooth capability. The troubleshooting instructions are incredibly vague and their own examples showcase Apple devices anyhow. Everything else about the app is functional, yet the main feature simply doesn't work on Android or Windows devices.



I've loved Prezi forever. Paid for it for years. Recommended it to hundreds of people. But current upgrades have removed multiple essential functions that leave my students unable to use it and leaves me unable to create a work around. This is not the time to be messing with things like that. The support is awful and slow and unhelpful. Your original classic users, who helped you build this platform are left stranded and sabotaged for this platform that WE PAY FOR.


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