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Comments on Google play



AWFUL!! I have an $800 gamer phone with 8 gigs of RAM there is absolutely NO reason why this is the only game crashing and freezing on me every couple of minutes!! I can barely even get past the character creation screen! What kind of game is this?! Every server is full, game freezes, and closing out and resetting doesn't even fix the issue. Don't even waste your time!



It's a fairly good game (after getting it to work on the 3rd try). However, it's maily a point and go with autobattle styled features. You can turn this off, but it takes away from the story. Also, the translation is awful. Sometimes they'd speak english, then it would change to it's original language for a few lines. Then it'd switch back. At least the characters looked stunning. Overall, it's an alright game.



It's a wonderful game. Awesome graphics, good controls, good sky travel but many things are too expensive. I lose in most PVP battles I get into, i'm not getting stronger fast enough (gate of wraiths is still impossible for me to pass alone much less everything else). The only turn off is the fact that you have to pay a lot of money to avoid being weak. The permanent outfits and mounts are too expensive. Regardless of how good the game is, if you continue like this, it'll turn many people off.



Nice graphics. Storyline is interesting. I've been playing for a few weeks, and I've already started playing two characters! It is, however, a bit confusing on how to do all of the tasks, and utilising the MULTIPLE guides you have. I have OCD, and I am also triggered by the inability to clear the red notifications unless you purchase something, but I understand how marketing works 😂🙄💯💪🏽



Well it's good. There's a lot of content to go through and very good variation and not a lot of repeated quests THAT often. There's a lot of fetch, and kill quests as per usual for genre. Though, the cost for EVERY accessory is stupid expensive and ruins the fashion experience unless you're willing to drop a couple hundred dollars for outfits that don't do anything but make you look only slightly different. That's a definite annoyance. The leveling up to Cave Of Treasures is easy. CoT is hard.



I like the classes, the skills, the graphics and animations so if you're a fan of the PWI MMORPG then you will appreciate the nicely constructed world. So what's the problem? Like most games it is pay to win and gets expensive when refining equipment to higher levels where the chances of success drops significantly. It costs about $5 for 300 gold ingots and with items costing 3500+ ingots you can see it's simply too expensive. It's fun until you hit the pay wall and your gear falls behind.



Changed my review after playing for a little while. Game glitches so was stuck in one area not able to go forward or back. After playing also realised it's very difficult to go forward in the game unless you also have friends that play. Was very excited to try the mobile version only to be sorely disappointed. It tries to do everything for you automatically so that's also frustrating at times when in a battle.



EDIT: So far so good. The graphics are clean, gameplay has been smooth, and the character creation options put other mobile and some consoles to shame. At first I was unable to even login. Perfect World however responded in a decent amount of time with a suggestion that actually worked. I haven't been able to play much, but will edit my review as I progress. Great work so far!



I might be a bit biased, since I was a dedicated player of the computer game but this is an excellent free to play mmorpg game. I prefer not to use the auto system, but it is useful when tapping on a small screen. The graphics are very nice and visually pleasing. The controls are pretty good and run fairly smooth with some fun interactive action sequences. Only issues I have seen so far are a few grammer errors, and rare moments it will switch in and out of chinese during the talk sequences.



Beautiful graphics and interesting things fill the screen. But, it isn't much fun to play when the game does everything for you. What's the point? Why am I needed? Too many concurrent quests, too. This isn't really a game. It's a follow along, and it gets boring on monotonous real fast, especially waiting to travel places.. ZZZzzzz... Very buggy, too. Bring Battle of Immortals back for PC and Mobile. Thanks for allowing me to try it. Uninstalling...


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