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Zombie Fire

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Developer: mobirix
Categories: Action
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 53.9 MB
Downloads: 5
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Updated: 30.07.2021
Limitations: Teen


  • Large selection of weapons.
  • Russian translation.
  • You can play offline.
  • Multiple modes.
  • Support for game achievements.


  • The accuracy of the weapon is poor.
  • Poor quality textures and animations.
  • Donate is present.
  • Bad optimization.


Shooting Zombies is a dynamic first-person shooter game made in the style of a shooting gallery simulator (the character stands still, unable to move and shoots a crowd of dead people with pinpoint shots).

Main features of the application

  • A huge number of weapons are available for every taste.
  • It is possible to switch between primary, secondary weapons and grenades in accordance with the tactics and situation on the battlefield.
  • It is possible to upgrade weapons, making them more advanced and destructive.
  • The headshot system has been implemented: for each hit to the head, bullet damage is significantly increased.
  • The game provides many levels with numerous waves of enemies on the principle of "survivor horror", when the player remains against zombies 1 on 1, relying solely on his accuracy, accuracy and composure.
  • There is an opportunity to test your skills in hardcore mode: crowds of zombies will go to the player continuously until the character is eaten.
  • In some cases, you can access a bonus level in which the player is provided with a bazooka for more effective destruction of zombies.
  • The game has a Russian-language interface.
  • The game does not require an internet connection.
  • After passing the levels, you can monitor detailed statistics and improve performance by training accuracy, accuracy and reaction.

In general, Shooting Zombies, despite the relatively simple and primitive graphics (the figures of the dead are crooked, the animation is not the smoothest, and the scenery leaves much to be desired), can give the gamer several hours of driving, adrenaline-pumping gameplay (provided that from a simple, more casual shooting game of the impossible). Often, it is the relative simplicity of the gameplay and the opportunity to relax after a hard working (school) day that plays a decisive role: not all players want to additionally bother with heavy game mechanics, rules, hardcore difficulty levels, and so on.

Shooting Zombies allows you to relieve tension and spend several dynamic hours confronting crowds of enemies, not bothering too much about tactics, or about brainstorming, or about "dancing with enemies" and similar buns of more advanced shooters: take yourself and urine from everyone around, the main thing is to take good aim and hit the trigger properly so that a hurricane storm of bullets blows away the rotten head of the next foe.

Zombie Fire for downloaded 5 times. Zombie Fire is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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