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Cool game that everyone (Ninja) has to play every time they're bored or have nothing to do. The bosses are hard to destroy that's what makes it even cooler. You can jump the way you can



This is almost the best game i have ever come across. It is smooth and has many control buttons. But im frustrated somehow due to crushing, it has crushed two times making me to lose all my hard work plse.check out or else i will uninstall it.



I doubt the developers will see this or that they're even bothered further developing the game, but anyway. The game is really good, but I've spent months saving up for Kata, hoping if I got her I'd unlock her weapon (the Tekko Kagi/Claws/Shredder Weapon) for Raiden (I also searched if this was the case but there's no Fandom for this game). Needless to say I was disappointed when that didn't happen. If the developers could make all their weapons usable by both characters, that would be cool.



a Pretty Good Game ...However it is Clearly, a Copy or Clone of Both the 'NINJA ARASHI' Titles, just a Slight Bit, more Polished, BUT, Not by much. The Controls, are Tight, the Audio&Video, are the Same ... Overall not BAD, BUT, it's a Bad Sign when another Developer Copies, another Developers Hard Work. ☆NEW & Original, is the Key. Regards 🙂 In addition UPGRADE Your Characters Skills, usually takes just Coins, in this Game, it takes, Coins & other Materials ... another BAD Sign!!



Fun game to just jump in and play . Not hard to play in the beginning and very generous with resource and abilities to get them . It would be nice too equip and upgrade; gear and weapons on-demand. Cool arcade graphics . Straight to the point kind of game play with surprises .



A good game ruined by ridiculously hard level obstacles that require perfect moves to pass and sometimes even luck or good guess work in order to pass without dying. Bad sound work, specially with the loud noises of flying swords and no option to tune sfx. Minor bugs here and there.



The controls are not smooth at all. The camera movements jerking back and forth every time you change directions is nauseating. Looked like it would be as good as Ninja Arashi but you'll most likely be disappointed as the artwork looks very similar but the gameplay is not.



Just a sad excuse to stole money out of you. It starts difficult but reasonable, so you start "immersing" in the game, and then becomes impossible to proceed without LOTS AND LOTS of money. The third level of the second chapter introduce new enemies, every single one of them perfectly capable of oneshotting you and they trap you in a very small closed arena with a TON of them. Even with grinding and some money its impossible, you need more than the price of TWO new AAA games to have a chance



Few things needs to be corrected . Like when the main character attacks in the air, it stays 1 sec stable in the air without doing anything after attack is finished . So due to which enemy attacks during that time and reduces the main character health. This needs to be improved.



its a great ninja game. but there are bugs. where our of nowhere suddenly enemies go invincible and they just dont get damaged. i have no way but to get defeated and try again. and it keeps on repeating. i dont know what to do with this problem

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