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Mental Hospital: Eastern Bloc FULL

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Developer: AGaming+
Categories: Role games
Android version: 2.3+
Size: 13.9 MB
Downloads: 525
0 / 0
Updated: 12.10.2020
Limitations: Teen


  • Takes up little space.
  • The game keeps you on your toes.
  • Works on almost all Android versions.


  • Screamers.
  • Paid distribution.
  • Inconvenient controls.
  • Not updated for a long time.


Mental Hospital: Eastern Bloc FULL is a horror and thriller game. Some mobile games can be even more terrifying than console games. In headphones, all the squeaks and moans penetrate right into the ears. When you bring the device to your face, it completely fills your field of vision. When the story begins, you find yourself in a dilapidated mental hospital. Then you will get the facts about the case: "A man named David was found dead in the hospital", "For some mysterious reasons, he left the camera", "Considering that the case was hushed up, he could not have been killed by an" ordinary vagrant ". So, your mission is to find the camera. In the beginning, you just walk with the analog stick on the left side of the screen, adjust the view by swiping to the right. One of the drawbacks of the game is the lackluster interface and sometimes you can't even see where the player is going. Having a character with a flashlight doesn't save the day So if you're looking for some sort of sensible weapon to arm yourself in an abandoned mental hospital, you actually won't be able to see that weapon when you try to pick it up because the light is directed only slightly towards the right of everything that matters.

This is more than just a minor inconvenience, because the only way to interact with any object is to focus on a very small, very specific area, at some very indefinite distance from it. It's worth noting that these are objects that you can't even see. The gameplay consists of wandering through halls that all look the same, trying to open most of the same doors that are either locked or not interested in reacting to your touch, exploring rooms that are all splattered with the same vomit blood, and sometimes you are attacked by zombie-like people. The developers have created a pleasant atmosphere. There are shivering moments in the soundtrack, and some sound effects are best turned off if you are particularly impressionable. There are cool moments when you walk past an empty bookcase, and when you get back, hey, there are a couple of heads! Or you find a body sitting in a wheelchair, and when you come back, the body is gone. These are the details that indicate a glimpse of a good plot.

Unfortunately, most of the environment is too dark to see any text. Darkness can be used to great effect in the horror genre, but when you try to defend yourself against enemies you literally can't see, you start to go a little crazy. However, despite some shortcomings, the game is considered the best among its counterparts.

Mental Hospital: Eastern Bloc FULL for downloaded 525 times. Mental Hospital: Eastern Bloc FULL is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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