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LokiCraft 2

Developer: akseno2
Categories: Simulators
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 57.5 MB
Downloads: 44
5 / 1
Updated: 29.09.2020
Limitations: Everyone 10+


LokiCraft 2 is an acclaimed open world game where you can build whatever comes into your head.

You can start building whatever you want. Construction completely depends on your imagination: from a small house to an amazing huge castle. A huge, diverse world opens up before you. You need to research it in order to determine the place of construction of your future home. In addition to ordinary houses, you can build some secret houses that control with just one button or stove. In addition to construction, the player has the opportunity to engage in gardening or animal husbandry. In the game, this is all well implemented and a huge number of different types of plants are presented.

As you explore the endless expanses of your world, you will meet many creatures on the way. It can be both aggressive and harmless creatures. The player can tame or kill some creatures. It all depends on your imagination. A huge number of different blocks are available in the game. With the help of blocks, the player can build anything. There are two modes available in the game: creative and normal. In normal mode, the player can survive by exploring the limitless world. You need to build settlements, extract resources, make equipment in order to cope with danger and develop your built houses. In creative mode, it all depends on your imagination. You are not limited in resources. You can build anything from any blocks and not worry about their number. Most players combine these two modes for easy survival.

Game Advantages

  • An open world full of various dangers and uncertainties
  • Two modes: creative and normal. At any time, these modes can be switched among themselves, which allows the player to try the game in different directions in one session.
  • Wide assortment of block selection. You can build your house or settlement from any materials.
  • A huge platform completely dependent on your imagination
  • A huge number of creatures, both friendly and hostile.

The game has established itself among the players of a similar game Minecraft. The developers do not hide the fact that they were inspired by this particular game. The games are really similar, but Lokicraft is completely free and available to use. Don't limit yourself to your imagination. Download the game Lokicraft 2 to your Android device and start creating right now.

LokiCraft 2 for downloaded 44 times. LokiCraft 2 is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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