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Comments on Google play



Wow, Great work! This is 100% better than the other raft/survival game. The game has tons of content, better graphics, and it's not stingy with items. Controlling movement, targeting, and building UI can be tough..but thats common with all mobile/tablet apps. This is a 5-star game regardless of the platform. ---edit--My inventory just vanished. Please restore my items. I do not want to craft all my items again...and several stacks of other materials.



Great potential, but definitely needs some polish. Controls are an issue, as is targeting, but also quest stuff doesn't reset when you die or leave game, but Progress resets, which is a Huge problem. Like, the first quest thing I saw was some guy on a roof, I killed a zombie stalking him, but died to the next, and glitched out of game during respawn. When I finally killed the other undead, my quest progress only shows 2, and won't let me complete it 🤦🤷



This game is amazing, But i got stuck on level 9 when i had to collect barrels, I even whatched YouTube videos about how to jump to the ceiling of church, but there was something different with the game that made impossible to jump over the ceiling. So i had to uninstall the game on level 9. The other problem was there is no account login option so i couldn't save my progress, so after reinstallation of game, my whole data was gone, which made me remove the game permanently.



It's not at all what I thought it would be like, it's too hard. You loose everything and have to retrieve it once you die, not to mention EVERYTHING hates you specifically. Crafting is very expensive and takes a while, the "story" progresses way too quickly and you can't even get a good weapon at all without it breaking. Everything breaks way too easily, even the reinforced stone axe breaks too quickly. Not to mention it's not even proper survival, the only penalty for dying is find your stuff.



Played for a while and it was fairly disappointing. Controls are clunky and rather poor optimization. The concept was great and over all the graphics were very well done. However the animals were very linear with poor details. If controls were fixed it would be beneficial!



The zombies are kinda annoyying, you dont have enough time to farm resources craft and hunt build or even really explore b4 you. Gotta run back and defend, and it seems quite laggy.but i do like the game itself it is unique, maybe consider lengthening the time between attacks by ALot or just had in skeleton and zombie camps and checkpoints, or maybe even an optional mode.



This game would be so much better if you could log out and your stuff stay as it was before. There's no way to exit and come back to where you left off. Your campsite shouldn't be plundered by the dead when your not in the game. This needs a save button and we should be able to put 4 digit code in to keep ittems in our chests safe from plundering enemies.



Great game. Definitely felt like I was stranded on an island. But...aquiring the materials like Gears/Nails/etc can be difficult. Especially when you've just built the boat but lose to the wave of incoming enemies. It gets really frustrating. But I loved the graphics/controls/design. I especially enjoyed helping out the lost crewmates but I wish they could fight alongside you when a wave comes or at least help you aquire some necessary materials. Overall, this is a great game.



Wouldn't recommend. First thing, you have zombies that are hard to kill. I use my sword and it wont kill them before they kill me. Second, you dont get enough resources when you first start. Thirdly, the game makes you spend too many coins to repair a weapon or even revive. Fourth, your health goes down way too quick when your fighting an enemy especially if you dont have the right weapon. Fifth, your food and water go down way too quick. I have played a few survivor games and this one sucks.



I think this game has potential to be a better game, if you only had the ability to craft some type of armor or weapons that actually did any damage this might actually be a playable game. But all the enemies do alot of damage super fast, and bandages take too long to do heal by that point your already dead, I think if they just made the enemies weaker or at least had any type of defense this game might be fun. There's no point to it if can't kill the enemies and you die every five minutes.

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