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Comments on Google play



The idea of this game is great and has alot potential but you guys have change the game play. You have little option on were the block will fit and you can't see what next block will be , so you can't make a plan.i would love if you could rotate de pieces as as well.



Very good visuals, good concept. But it's borderline impossible to understand which shape is coming down and move it in time, first of all, you see the entirety of the shape when it's already too late. Then the animation to rotate is too slow, it's not as reactive as it should be. Also the 'shadow' shapes have while falling don't take into account wether the shape actually fits, making it harder to guess the shape falling. TLDR you need a negative reaction time to play this game.



A nice game. 3D graphics could be better, as the green color only shows on 1 block even when it is on 2 blocks, and is blocked by the heights of the front block. And I found a glitch in the matrix, it creates a pattern of sending the blocks, i once created a pattern of high blocks on 6 sides and 3 to complete the line, i scored 10000 just by following this pattern, and the speed didn't affect me.



Downloaded the game, opened it up. First thing was an unskippable ad. Before the game even loaded. Then, it turned down my music. So I turned off the app's audio. Except it doesn't actually turn off the sound, there's still ambient sound. And my music stayed turned down. I didn't even bother playing at all. Uninstalled.



Wait, you cannot rotate the block? You cannot rotate the shapes as they fall, just the platform. Please fix this! So much potential if just that. Maybe also a preview of the next coming block? Ugh... such a shame.



I love this game, I found myself floating away on it, and ended up playing for about 3 hours lol. It's quite addictive, and challenging. I love the game play, and being able to unlock other backgrounds. The ambient music fits into it all very well. Nicely done.



I open the app for the first time ever, I'm instantly asked for images permission (what the fu**) directly followed by an add when THE GAME HADN'T EVEN LOADED YET. I'm not gonna even play it based on these 2 terrible interactions...



I installed this on my tablet which has a built in ad blocker, the controls are easy, just one suggestion, please make it so you can actually see what piece is falling.



I love this game so much! It's fun and challenging and really entertaining to see the different theme. However, it randomly logged me out of my Google Play account and now when I try to log back in with it it just sits loading forever. I left it for a whole hour and all it did was give me the spinning Green Circle of Death. Please help! I want to keep playing



I wish I could rate it higher - but I can't. Graphics, sounds - all perfect. But the controls suck (left-right swipes are not precise enought) and you cannot rotate the blocks (the ultimate tetris thing!).


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Added: 2021-12-21
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