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Fraction's calculator

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Developer: RamGaunt
Categories: Tools
Android version: 4.0+
Size: 2.2 MB
Downloads: 0
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Updated: 20.07.2020
Limitations: Everyone


The degree calculator with fractions is exactly the application that will come in handy for difficult exams or simply while completing math tasks, because with it you can calculate any examples with fractions.

Characteristics of the Fraction Calculator Application

First, about the genre to which this application belongs. Based on the fact that Fraction Calculator is a really useful application that significantly reduces the amount of work for you, then accordingly it belongs to the genre of tool applications.

The requirements of this application are also important factors. It is worth mentioning right away that the Calculator of degrees with fractions does not ask for supernatural functions from your smartphone and it will only need a few free megabytes, or rather 2-3 megabytes.

The requirements for the android version are also pretty simple and straightforward. Every owner of a mobile phone with an android version of at least 4.0 can successfully install and use an application called the Calculator of degrees with fractions.

Many users download the Fraction Degree Calculator, because it is really useful and useful in their studies.

How to use the Fraction Power Calculator?

First of all, each user who downloaded the Calculator of degrees with fractions must install the application and agree with everything that it asks from your smartphone. This is followed by launch.

After launching, the application will be available to you in normal operation, there are no fractions, but instead you can calculate the degree. There are two lines for this. In the first line you need to enter the main number, in the second you need to enter the power of the number. There is also a slider at the bottom that you can move and use it to round the number.

But to switch to fraction mode, you just need to press not �The button in the upper right corner, as well as select there a function called "fractions". Actually, the story with fractions is almost the same as with powers. Only with fractions you already need to enter two numbers. The first number that you need to enter is called the numerator (the upper number in fractions), the second is the denominator, respectively, this is the lower number in fractions. Also below is a line called the degree and a slider with which you can round up your answer several times.

The Calculator of Degrees with Fractions application has a convenient touch keyboard with numbers and signs. To get the result, you just need to press the key where the "=" symbol is located. You should then be able to get your reliable answer.

Features of the Calculator of Degrees with Fractions:

  • A handy application to help you calculate powers of fraction with ease
  • The application is very simple and everyone will deal with it
  • The calculation takes place instantly, almost at the same second
  • Convenient keyboard where numbers and symbols are located

Fraction's calculator for downloaded 0 times. Fraction's calculator is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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