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Construction Calculator - Materials Evaluation

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Developer: Will Maze
Categories: Work
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 12.2 MB
Downloads: 3
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Updated: 10.03.2021
Limitations: Everyone


  • Удобная сортировка контента.
  • Приятное оформление.
  • Вся информация на русском языке.
  • Встроены дополнительные инструменты: фонарик, компас и т.д.
  • Отсутствие платных функций.


  • Нельзя задать нестандартную форму помещения.
  • Программа содержит рекламу.


Construction calculator - calculation of materials is an application for mobile devices, including Android smartphones, which will be useful for both professional builders and ordinary people. With its help, you can make the necessary calculations for the construction and repair.

Building calculator application and its functions.

For the foreman, builder and just for those who started a full-scale renovation in the house, this application is just a godsend. Detailed technological schemes for more than 20 types of construction and installation works are included in the application program. Thanks to this, you can easily calculate the area of ​​working surfaces, the required amount of material and its cost, the total cost of all repair and construction work.

The program also contains data:

- about the rates of consumption of various building materials for repair and construction work;

- labor costs when working with certain materials;

- characteristics of all types of building materials;

- average prices for different types of materials and structures.

The application allows you to work not only with the data stored in it. So it allows you to calculate the cost of materials and work, relying on the services of a specific supplier of materials. It is enough just to enter the table into the calculation table to enter the data about the supplier and the price list for his goods.

Features of the program

A characteristic feature of the program is the presence of a graphic module that allows you to automatically draw up a building plan according to the initial data (area of ​​rooms, dimensions of openings, niches, ceiling heights, etc.).

Ready-made room drawings can be loaded. The program will automatically calculate all the parameters of the area and the consumption of materials for work.

The program can calculate any indicators for the following types of construction and repair work:

  • foundation work (slab calculation,strip foundation, amount of concrete);
  • earthworks (area of ​​pits and trenches, calculation of the weight of the earth);
  • reinforcement work (weight of reinforcement by quantity and diameter, calculation by weight);
  • interior finishing works (calculation of the wall area, consumption of plaster, putty, paint and primer of the main brands of manufacturers);
  • floor work (calculation of floor area, floor screed, self-leveling floors, material consumption);
  • roofing works (calculation of the area of ​​one and gable roofs, calculation of roofing materials and works);
  • basement arrangement;
  • floors, openings and stairs;
  • facade works;
  • electrical work;
  • distribution of the heating system, water supply and sewerage;
  • Dismantling and removal of construction waste;

The application also allows you to calculate the number of concrete rings, blocks for walls, cubic capacity of lumber, area and amount of insulation, wallpaper, finishing materials, metal rolling, flooring and much more.

For those who have forgotten the school geometry course, the appendix contains information on how to calculate the areas of different geometric shapes. There is also a conversion converter, ruler and calculator. All data can be saved and later used for all kinds of calculations.

System requirements for installation

The application can be downloaded for free on Android smartphones of the fourth version. There is an advertisement. To ensure the smooth functioning of the application, you need 20 MB of free memory.

Construction Calculator - Materials Evaluation for downloaded 3 times. Construction Calculator - Materials Evaluation is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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