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Diagonal Calculator

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Developer: JRF Software
Categories: Education
Android version: 3.0+
Size: 1 MB
Downloads: 0
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Updated: 16.08.2020
Limitations: Everyone


  • High accuracy of calculations.
  • Calculate the area of ​​a shape.
  • Fast calculations.


  • No Russian language.
  • Advertising presence.
  • The program is not optimized for newer Android versions.


Calculator Diagonal is a very useful and high-quality application created for lovers of mathematics. With it, you can make correct calculations of the diagonals of a rectangle and calculate the area of ​​a given shape with 100% accuracy.


If you are a big fan of mathematics and you often need to make mathematical calculations of diagonals and find out the area of ​​a rectangle, then this application will be the best that you can find on the Internet. It was created exclusively for such mathematical calculations, the application cannot calculate anything else, its minimalistic, restrained functionality does calculations only on rectangles. As mentioned earlier, the Diagonal Calculator application is extremely restrained, there are no special functions or fancy new products inside.

Everything is very simple and straightforward. Anyone can do the calculations! Become one of the best for schoolchildren, because it's a good way to quickly find the area of ​​a rectangle. The application will only need a few seconds to correctly calculate the area of ​​the rectangle, but first you need to press the first button on the smartphone screen, then enter data about the rectangle, more precisely about its sides (you need to enter the dimensions of one of the larger sides and the data of one of the smaller sides). Thus, the application will receive information about the sides of the rectangle and start processing the data.

Before you even have time to blink an eye, a drawing of a rectangle with the calculated area will appear on the screen of your device. Everything is very simple and straightforward. Everything in the app is, of course, measured using good old centimeters and you don't have to convert them to another unit of measurement. The Diagonal Calculator application has a design that the developers clearly did not bother with much. The creators did everything to a minimum. When you start the application, you are shown the mainThere is a menu where only two touch buttons are available, with the help of which you can recognize the diagonals of the rectangle (above is described how to do this). Perhaps the only drawback of such an application is the absence of the Russian language, in addition, even the more popular English language is not present in the Diagonal Calculator. The only language in the app is Spanish. But this cannot be called a big minus, because thanks to its very simple functionality, everyone can understand how the Diagonal Calculator works.

No knowledge of Spanish required to calculate the area of ​​a rectangle! You can download this application for free, there is also nothing to buy inside (except that for a small fee, you can completely remove ads from the application, which sometimes gets in the way). Calculator Diagonal can be called almost the simplest Android application from all existing ones, because it does not ask for almost anything. All you need is to have a phone, download and install, then open the application and you can safely use it!

Diagonal Calculator for downloaded 0 times. Diagonal Calculator is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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