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I enjoy playing the game with my husband Great graphics and smoothly running interface. if new & didn't see the fine print any payment saved will be charged for offline purchases without permission DON'T save $-info & be CERTAIN to remove card numbers after in-app purchases or they'll rip you off with 0 notice-including notifications you should get if money is gone from your account. Somehow they've managed to bypass that part! So that's why I gave 3☆s...I don't appreciate being ripped off.



I gotta say, it's one of the more stalemate, greedy idlers out there, having played many of them. You hit a progress wall pretty quickly, run out of summons quickly, and those summons are still unlikely to give you anything above 3-star units. Having to individually remove every unit from every lineup to upgrade makes no sense. The UI has a lot of needless clunkiness. Trying to think of something nice to say... the art is nice? 🤷‍♀️



Trying to evolve a hero called Fat Mu gave a message along the lines of "Server status code:-4" if I remember correctly. I spent a few minutes trying to figure out what was going on and restarted the app. some sort of error but the level then displayed 4 levels below requirement to evolve. Level of heroes are not maxing out and I'm having to spend more resources to level again? I just started and hope this isn't a regular thing.



Fun game. I was led here out of curiosity because it seemed similar to Clicker heros. Its pretty fun because of the collectable card heros as well as the animated battles. The only problem I have thus far, that I can recall atleast, is that the game likes to occasionally lose connection to the server which has happened during a couple battles. Sometimes its so bad that I have to close out of the game entirely, but I do not know if it is a problem with the game or a problem with my phone or area. If it is a problem with the game, then hopefully it gets fixed. I'm still giving this game 5 stars because it is very entertaining even with that small problem.



A fun, semi-idle hero building and collecting game. Lots of variety and easy to get in to. The downside is that after a while, there's nothing new and nothing to work for. Middle to end game is boring and getting new characters doesn't actually do much as far as making the game more fun or allowing anything new. Great for a little while. Monotonous and dull the more it's played.



it's a great game, only thing it's lacking is a place to store your favorite lineups(intricate tool!!) It also takes a while to learn the very many ways to play, events & all things associated, as well as the attributes of the hero's(so many heros and each is very different(symbols for poison/ bleed /warrior(for example) on the card would make it so much better! I spend a lot of time going back to the hero tab multiple times to check attributes... Overall a well-made game



The game is simple yet deep and engaging. It is easy to pick up, and you get rewarded for putting it down! Truly an innovative concept when it comes to gachapons. The unit building/upgrading is easy, and there are many units available in game! Haven't got enough time, yet still want an RPG to delve into? Build, customise, and go Idle!



This game is very similar to many other games out there. The main screen interface is extremely bloated. Way too many options. Way too many purchase options. As for gameplay, it's alright but not unique. Like I said, many games out there like this one, some better. The graphics are cool but not groundbreaking. The game is made to give you a taste of progress for free until you reach higher levels and start PVP. Then P2W mechanics almost become necessary to make it on the leaderboards.



Been playing for 4 months. It's non-stop action! My only only only complaint is once you reach lvl 90, it's hard to level up and it's hard to do new things. Now I spend maybe 10 minutes on it every 8 hours before I have nothing left. So maybe add something?? There's no use for 1-2 star monsters right from the start! Maybe create a challenge or campaign for them?? Anyways, amazing game! Love it



It was fun for a time bit everything takes forever to do. 24 hour reload time on most things and once you hit a certain point it comes to a dead standstill. I just can't do anything right now and won't be able to for days because of the way the leveling works. Just a very short game for anyone looking for a good pass time. Even more irritating is the language translation. It's hard to understand the tutorial (which is garbage) and even trying to find help via third party websites is difficult.


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