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Hide and Seek

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Developer: Blockman Go Studio
Categories: Arcade
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 80.3 MB
Downloads: 2
0 / 0
Updated: 14.08.2022
Limitations: Teen


Hide and Seek is a logic puzzle game for mobile devices running Android with a mixture of horror and arcade. Technically, it is a virtual implementation of the classic game of hide and seek through multiplayer mode.

Software Features

  • Contains unpretentious Minecraft-style graphics.
  • The game is undemanding to hardware and will work even on outdated mobile devices (65 megabytes of free space and Android version no older than the fourth generation are enough for installation and stable operation).
  • Content, including maps, as well as the gameplay is constantly being modified and modified: the developers do not leave the brainchild to their fate and promptly introduce not only new game modes, but also correct the old ones, which, in principle, have time to become boring.

The essence of the game, in principle, does not differ much from the classic hide and seek, when one team (or one person) is in the role of a seeker, and the other, accordingly, is hiding. However, it was in this game that a similar classic concept was slightly modified in the direction of fun. To be more convincing, the team of secretive (those that try to hide for a certain, limited period of time) now have the right to disguise themselves as any object on the map in such a way that it is more difficult to find them. Accordingly, every hidden one is unarmed, and every seeker is armed, and if the hidden ones are found, as a rule, a series of "kills" occurs.

Within the framework of a game session, the task of the secretive ones to stay alive as long as possible, and not to be seen by the seekers, and the task of the seekers, in turn, is to find all the hidden ones and kill them in a timely manner.

Further, at the end of the round, the teams change roles, and so on until one of them has a significant advantage in points and wins.

Hide and Seek for downloaded 2 times. Hide and Seek is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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Hide and Seek
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