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Don't use this for non-google accounts. If the account provider isn't very savvy, you will have a hugely difficult time if you change phones ever. It's not Google's fault that other websites don't allow transfer to a new phone, but they really shouldn't be meddling in the first place. Having this app available can lure people into thinking it's a good idea to attach any other eligible app/website to it, and it's totally not.



Alex is right, This app is very secure if you can't get in, but there should be a way to get in if it's your account. Been trying for months to recover my old accounts, as soon as I click the button to skip verifying with this app it says it cannot verify the account was mine. I DONT HAVE THAT INFORMATION. I lost it when my old phone broke down. There is literally no way for me to recover my accounts. This is a HUGE fault on Google. The authenticator should not be the only way to verify.



Great app. I've used it for years. It is simple to export from one device to another. I run it on my phone and tablet. Just remember to keep each up to date with the other. (export/import). That way if something happens to one device, I always have it available on the other. Plus, it simplifies setting up another device. Just export from one and import on the new.



It's not the beyond long process it takes to add an account if the QR Code isn't able to be scanned. My problem is after dealing with all of that to add 7 account, I can't delete any of them not that I no longer need them. The option just isn't there and I have looked. And I don't want to keep adding accounts having to now scroll way down to see the information I need. Google has always been good, but this is annoying.



Lol, I've needed to transfer accounts across two different phones the past 3 years and had to boot up my old phone both times, was a pain to hassle with it given how it barely functions. At least I was lucky enough to even manage to turn on my old phone, there's no back up for those who completely lose access to their phones. There needs to be an option for those who'd like it to fix this issue. It's been a problem for years and frankly using Google auth is a mistake, find a better app.



Works great as long as you have access to your phone. My old phone quit working, and there was no way to transfer my accounts without accessing the app on the old phone. I ended up locked out of several accounts. Not cool, Google. I use another Authenticator for work, and that one let me transfer accounts easily.



Cleaner and easier-to-use UI than other's I've tried, but sorely needs a sort and/or filter for those of us with more than a half-dozen accounts. I have 9 right now and I'm already bothered by having to scroll up and down to find an entry in an unordered list. And while it ought to go without saying, reading the other reviews makes me see it needs said: for each account, have some other method to get in. An alternate email and/or phone, etc. You don't want to be left locked out of everything when you leave your phone at the bar.



App would be better if you could edit the entire name/identification of the account. For AWS accounts, the TLA is completly spelt out which doesn't leave much room for the part that is editable. Therefore, sometimes I have to rotate my phone to landscape to see the whole thing. And/or using a logo of the service would be great, similar to other auth apps. Also, a remote, secured backup would be great. Seems like a big reason people don't use/like this app.



works fine until you switch phones. The transfer app seemed to move everything, and it worked for 2 days, then lost all its data. There's no backup capabilities, so if you lose or destroy your device, your accounts are gone, meaning you have to disable 2 factor authentication and redo it. Not so easy to do if you cant log in to start with.



I'm an IT professional and I understand the security implications of backing up the seeds in the cloud (though Google does just that anyway with your passwords if you want). Anyway, what users want is a way to EXPORT THE SEEDS so they can be imported into another device. Still doesn't solve the "lost/stolen phone" problem, but much better than nothing.


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