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I had to leave this game again. Despite not using much storage, my phone could not handle the weight of running this game. Started lagging to a point enemies were difficult to hit. Although, the devs did revamp the difficulty to get good weapons in this game and I thoroughly enjoy that aspect. No longer do I waste my time trying to get OP guns when a newer better when comes out just as I get the one I was aiming for. Still, lag does suck for me.



It takes too long to kill them, unless you're aiming headshots every time ... make it a lil bit more realistic with the damage and how many shots will kill your enemy. It was better a few years ago when I was first playing it and spending money on the game. And btw all my guns and everything are gone since I reinstalled it . Make it better we'd appreciate it.



Played the game for over a year. Great gameplay, terrible pay to win system. If you're willing to spend $100+ you can win some games very easily, others who want to earn their weapons suffer because of this. Recently spent multiple hours on end playing an event to unlock a gun, and even caved and spent money in the final couple days. Was very disappointed to find that as the event goes on, your odds drastically decrease in winning, and my money was wasted. 995/1000 pieces, and 12+ hours wasted.



I really like this game. It is a fantastic First person shooter with easy controls and amazingly addictive gameplay. The only thing that keeps me from giving this game 5 stars, is that once you start unlocking more game modes, it doesn't give you an option. you get put in a random mode, so it could be payload or deathmatch or king of the hill.



OK, so this game can be fun. Sometimes the cards are stacked evenly. But sometimes when you are close to a mission completion award requirement, you will notice that your teammates run in circles and do nothing, as well as your opponents tending to have a a respawn invincibility mode that continues as they cross the game board to your respawn area. Upgrades are super expensive and either require mass grinding or dishing out cash. Good for casual freeplay. Nothing more.



I loved this game when it first came out, and played it whenever I got a chance to. It wasn't very Pay-to-Win, played smoothly, and gameplay was less restricted, allowing you to put together any 4 primary weapons, a pistol and knife, and any three pieces of special gear. Now however, I'm not enjoying the current version of this game- It's loadout system is very restrictive with gear and weapons, and it's very Pay-to-Win now. Plus, I can't manage to get into a match at all.



This game use to be cool but ever since the last update I can't play a full game without it freezing ...its really annoying when you spend money on a game then not be worth it after because you can't use it properly. What's annoying also is when I contact support all they say is we are working on it . But what's the point of that of I can compete in the red event to get the gun. Always in second cause it shut down in the middle of the game



The game's controls were ok. It's controls were not as easy to use as advertised. However, I constantly was getting disoriented. The concept of auto-fire was cool. The healing items running out was rather annoying and to replenish it you needed the game's premium currency! If this game doesn't sound too bad, try this game out for size and see if you enjoy it. You never know!



Simple rule to this game, to win a lot, you have to spend a lot. Developers have ruined this game. I appreciate that they are trying to make money, but the way the game is setup now it is impossible to be competitive without spending hundreds of dollars. There was initially a F2P setup you could use and be competitive, but they made sure to destroy that. It's fun in lower levels, but as soon as premium guns are unlocked, you're either spending a lot or losing all the time.



Really simple yet fun game, decent graphics, and intuitive controls with custom button placement. There's definitely a grind to get good gear, and you can pay to get very powerful weapons early on (not really fair to everyone else, but, it is what it is) Ads only play when you want them to. Over all this is the best auto-shooter I've played. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to have a casual, yet still challenging FPS experience. Also, the dev team is very quick about fixing issues.

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