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Heroes 3 and Mighty Magic: Medieval Tower Defense

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Developer: Robin Blood
Categories: Strategies
Android version: 6.0+
Size: 49.8 MB
Downloads: 0
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Updated: 23.01.2022
Limitations: Everyone 10+


  • Variety of heroes.
  • Troops, spells and artifacts from the classic game.
  • Ability to play as different races.
  • You can play offline.
  • Russian language support.


  • Does not work on Android versions below 6.0.
  • Paid content is present.
  • Slow loading.
  • Units sometimes stop attacking.


Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Towers of Defense is an exciting game for the Android platform. Here you need to choose one of the factions and the castle. After a short construction, enemies of other castles will also attack you. To restrain their onslaught, withdraw soldiers and build defensive fortifications, as well as think over tactics and use the full range of spells. The game can be downloaded for free from our website.

Game Features

The user is given a choice of one of the locks. He can choose: Necropolis, Inferno, Castle, Stronghold, Dungeon, Fortress, Citadel or tower. Each faction and race has its own strengths and weaknesses.

To quickly and forcefully repel an attack, you need to strengthen the city walls and create a strong army. Resources are needed to execute this plan.

Resources are mined in several ways. Various buildings are scattered on the map. For example, ownerless sawmills or mines. They can be easily captured to bring wood and gold to your treasury. You just have to visit these places and a flag of your color will appear above them. It will mean that the building belongs to you.

Resources can be obtained in battles with groups of various monsters that are on the map. With a large number of soldiers in your squad, it is possible to turn enemies into flight before the fight. In this case, you will only get experience.

With a high diplomacy skill, you can invite monsters to your squad. If they belong to another castle, then it is better not to do this, as your morale and morale will drop.

With the resources collected and earned, it is possible to buy combat commanders in the tavern. Each of them has a small detachment of warriors with him and has a special gift. For example, the "golden bag" artifact brings additional income every day.

Attacking elemental magic can be used against opponents: air, fire, water or earth. These may be such requestsSpells like: fireball, ring of cold, earthquake and others.

You can also impose curses on enemies, which lower morale and morale, reduce damage done, reduce defense, and much more.

There are blessing spells. They have a positive effect on your warriors. They can increase morale and morale, heal from curses or heal from wounds, and also increase defense against enemy spells.

The game has a building called the "artifact shop". There you can buy artifacts that will greatly increase any skill of the hero. Artifacts appear randomly and not all of them have a positive effect, both for you and for the enemy.

Enemies will be represented by only three factions: Necropolis, Inferno and Dungeon.

Armies of skeletons, zombies, ghosts and horsemen of darkness will walk on you from the necropolis. Then the vampires will join, and then the skeletons of dragons. Skeletons will become stronger and put on armor, the living dead will move faster and will gain the ability to infect with foul.

Various demons, creatures of hell and fiery Ephrites live in Inferno. They will also improve and develop. Their strongest fighter is the Archdevil.

The dungeon will send out harpies, troglodytes, centaurs and the strongest black dragons.

Heroes 3 and Mighty Magic: Medieval Tower Defense for downloaded 0 times. Heroes 3 and Mighty Magic: Medieval Tower Defense is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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