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Comments on Google play



Its a really great app. Great options, multiple charecters, but there's one thing wrong. Its unfinished. You always move on to another game once the beta of another is done, and never finish the others. Especially this one. The game has frequent crashes, and I only play this version because I cant go in the chat with the other version until I'm level 10. Which is really hard! Please fix this, it's my favorite game series.



Really fun to make edits, YouTube videos, comics, and even character designs. The design of the app is very optimal for users. Only thing i would make different is different background music, or the option to turn it off. I happen to work better with my own music, so this can be annoying at times. Still a 5/5.



I like the game. However, whenever I exit out of the app for a few seconds, it'll cause lag and the app would close. There is also a few ads when not really necessary. Despite that, it's a really fun game! The graphics are amazing and it's really enjoyable to dress up your own character! Minus the pretty annoying flaws, I'd recommend this.



It's pretty good overall. What I think should be added: A screenshot button instead of clicking hide, more standing options, more hats, a way to get chat bubbles two colors of your choice, more clothing options. Not in anyway am I saying it's a bad game! I play this a lot it's super fun and a good way to spend free time!



I feel like this game is the best out of all of the 'gacha' games. One of the only errors I've had is in the studio, for me, if you change the pose, the word 'Poses' shows up in the right bottom corner. But I that's only me.. another bug is that whenever I go to the chat, I keep on disconnecting, even though I have secure internet connection. I would be super grateful if you could fix these minor issues.



There are a lot of customization options for your character in this game. I just spent about 2-3 hours making my character ( I'm a bit picky). The screen also flips horizontally for my tablet, YAY! I'm excited for the combat to be added, and hope all goes well for the developers. I haven't decorated my room yet, but it's pretty cool you can customize a room for yourself too! Yes, I'm a real human =) trust me fellow human this is an entertaining game.



From what I'm seeing so far, I do like this game! I know it's still in development but if the fighting controls are just right, this could be very fun. I've been trying to get into the chat rooms, while connected to WiFi, and the game says either a server is down or I have connectivity issues. I've been able to use the dress up part, and there's many options! The resolution is rather high. I think, when finished, this will be a great game.



There's a few things it is missing, but it's very good! Please add the ability to add more pages to a skit, be able to change accessories and clothes in those skits, and being able to put more than two characters in a skit. Also, I wanna see what you've got for the rpg! Looks good so far. If you add even one of these I'll raise my rating to five stars! I'll reinstall this too, had to uninstall because it takes too much space ;_;



This is amazing and everything, but, I'm having an issue with the skit, because I'm on the last panel of the second page, and it keeps glitching the character on the right, changing the appearance and everything, it's annoying, really, I would appreciate if this could be fixed? It was the only panel that glitched too, that's what got to me.



The game is okay, there's lots of customization options and the description doesn't say it's still being developed, but it does inside the game. You can't do anything like battle or do quests. You can chat but it bugs out and is mostly filled with little kids trying to roleplay with each other. It's okay if you're looking for something to do for a quick 30 minutes but other than that I don't recommend.


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Added: 2020-06-19
Added: 2020-06-19
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