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Football penalty. Shots on goal.

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Developer: LSH Games Studio
Categories: Sport games
Android version: 5.0+
Size: 11.3 MB
Downloads: 1
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Updated: 03.08.2020
Limitations: Everyone


Football Penalty Shootout is a fun mobile game in which you will have the opportunity to shoot penalties like in real football!

Learn more about the gameplay Football Penalties

Immediately I should tell you that this game is created in a very, very simple style. Everything here is extremely easy and understandable. In Football Penalty, you don't have to choose a team or choose any game mode for a long time. There is none of this here! Football Penalty kicks are created solely to help you kill your free time.

This game is perfect for football fans! Indeed, in Football Penalty, you can play one of the most important parts of a real football match - this is a penalty. You will be able to independently punch 11-meter shots, as well as reflect them as a goalkeeper! Why is it an unremarkable game ?!

Management Football Penalty is too simple. If you are in the capacity of a fielder who is shooting a penalty right now, then in order to shoot, you need to slide your finger into a certain area of ​​the goal. This is where the ball will fly, and if the goalkeeper cannot guess it, then you will score a goal! The procedure for reflecting a penalty is done in the same way. As a goalkeeper, you need to choose the part of the goal where you will jump (if you guess correctly, you can deflect the 11-meter kick).

Some information about the characteristics and requirements of the mobile game Football Penalties

Football Penalty kicks belong to the genre of sports games (it was immediately clear, because football is the most popular sport in the world).

Separately, we will consider the requirements that must meet your smartphone in order for you to set Football Penalties.

The requirement for the android version is practically the most important thing that is. After all, if your device does not have android 5.0 or more, then you will never be able to play Football Penalty on it! Check your android version carefullysmartphone before installing Football Penalty!

Weight of the game Football Penalties should not be a problem for you, because it is very small, only 11 megabytes! For any smartphones, this is comparable to zero. But it is still recommended to check the memory before installing the game on your smartphone.

The game Football Penalty has extremely good reviews from users. This is due to the fact that Football Penalty is very simple, and this sports game is a great time killer! You won't have time to notice! Another very important aspect - Football Penalties have no restrictions at all!

What makes Football Penalty Shoot so special?

  • A great way to kill unnecessary time! With this game, time will fly by as quickly and imperceptibly as possible!
  • Football Penalty Shootout game is designed as simple as possible! You can play immediately after launch
  • This sports game is very easy to control
  • Football Penalties will suit almost any smartphone!

Football penalty. Shots on goal. for downloaded 1 times. Football penalty. Shots on goal. is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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