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This app has so many different little mini games and variety that it keeps me entertained for awhile every time I play. I really like how the games are simple to learn but there are challenging ones as well so it keeps my brain working. Some of the games are really creative.The characters cute too. It's also pretty cool that you can create your own as well. I can play for hours.



I get no reception at work, so I downloaded this to pass time. BEST GAME EVER, few adds, cute and fun puzzles and quest. I dont think I've ever liked a moble game more. AND it's free, you can pay for a premium membership. But the free version is so fun, and u can do so many different things its never boring. Whoever made this game, it's great, I hope the game dev can see all these amazing reviews!!!



Lots of fun little games, many of which are clones of existing popular simple games. One thing I am having trouble with is the piano games because there is a noticable delay from when I tap to when it registers, causing many frustrating missed notes. Since one miss is a failure and the songs are 30s to a minute, it's frustrating to start over constantly.



It's fun to see all these diverse games along with community made ones. The progression of the worlds and levels may feel a little off at times but it's made up for with the sheer amount of entertainment they provide. Some of the better games are in later worlds but it makes it feel much more rewarding when you get there. From golf and pianos to starships and puzzles, the games already provided last for hours. The game building itself is a little complicated, but still entertaining as well. :)



Just one app gives you an incredibly wide variety of fun, cute, challenging games. I love the style of Fancade, and it's kept me very entertained (and frustrated, in the good gaming way) for the past few weeks. There are ads, but not so frequent that it becomes unbearable.



The last update changed the ads and they seem to play more often and for much longer than before. The entire game is almost unplayable now. Each minigame usually takes many tries to pass. Now the ads come on every 3 or 4 tries and last so long I lose interest in trying again. This was a great jump in jump out set of games before. Too bad, I guess all good things must come to an end.



Fancade is an amazing game, to say the least. It's an arcade style game where you can either: Try and complete all kinds of games from the "World" section, play hundreds of user created games made from around the world, or make your own game for others to play! You can also play offline to avoid ads. EDIT: I have a problem...I've been grinding a bit and just completed world 6, and the time it takes for the repair is 6 hours! That's way too much. I have no idea how to get gems,



Like anything Martin Magni makes, this is a true delight. The variety of gameplay options, the ability and variety of user made experiences, this is well worth a download. Unlike most developers, there's no paywall, just options to go ad-free for $1 a month or $10 a year, no subscription. You can access everything without it, just a way to thank the developer and have a slightly smoother experience. Try their other games too!



This is genuinely the best mobile game I've ever played, and not just in the arcade category either. Everything feels so... Fair. I would pay for this game, even if I had to pay to play with ads. Gameplay is obviously inspired, but in such a way that I couldn't ask for anything better. The innovation they've made on game-concepts that already exist is unmatched. It's like getting those (what look like) interesting games but actually being satisfied with it, without it just being adware. 10/10.



This app is amazing! Ads are super minimal (One every 20 tries or so) so they aren't too intrusive. On top of that, it isn't pay to win at all! Sure, you can skip waiting with a premium account, but buying things doesn't give you an advantage in the game. I also love how this game is executed. Each world consists of one island. These islands each have their own fun games on them (about five games per island). Each of thesehave about 10-30 levels! Create feature could use some work. Perfect 5/5!


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