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Category: Role games

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Updated: 23.12.2020

Developer: Fountainhead Entertainment

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DOOM RPG is a game shooter that can bring each user to a unique virtual world in which a huge number of dangers await. The player will have to try on the role of a real hero of the planet, able to finally not only save humanity from inevitable death, but also direct it on the right path. The main thing is to responsibly approach the gameplay in order to avoid disaster. Just 1 minute of free time is enough to install the application for free on your Android.

Game Features

DOOM RPG is a great action shooter packed with many deadly dangers. Users who have successfully installed the application on a smartphone or tablet need to become a professional soldier of a special forces squad. The commander-in-chief of the armed forces gave the command to go on a difficult intergalactic adventure, during which you need to show all your best qualities. The main reason is to receive an encrypted distress signal sent from an international research station on Mars.

The storyline unfolds directly in space. The main character will have to endure the betrayal of his loved ones, because of whom the entire detachment was mercilessly destroyed. He only miraculously managed to stay alive. But now the task is becoming much more complicated, because you need to act alone. To survive, you need to initially find a traitor who is able to lead you on the right path to rectify the situation. But it won't be so easy to do it. Therefore, you need to make every effort. Tellingly, there is very little time left, which is why it is important to make quick decisions.

Game Benefits

The gameplay is straightforward due to the use of exceptionally high-quality graphics combined with excellent drawing depth�� and. To take the path of saving humanity, you only need to download and install the application. Immediately after that, the application opens up numerous advantages for users, among which it is customary to highlight:

  • detail. Each object that is located on the map is worked out to the smallest detail, which allows you to fully experience the many advantages;
  • well-developed storyline. During the execution of the assigned tasks, there are no interrupted missions, which allows you to fully enjoy the well-thought-out theme;
  • high-quality design that goes well with the soundtrack;
  • a wide range of playable locations, which allows you to further explore outer space.

To successfully launch the gameplay, users do not need to waste time on exhausting study of the rules and related features. It is enough to complete the installation, after which the application independently makes settings in the graphics for smooth operation.

DOOM RPG for downloaded 2393 times. DOOM RPG is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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  • Russian translation.
  • Adapted controls.
  • Fascinating storyline.
  • Large selection of weapons.

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Funny note. This is an official doom game by ID, a very nice play through