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i really enjoyed this game, on a second play through now. Some grammer errors/sentences that are grammatically correct but dont really make sense. It felt a bit rushed (however, i was also skipping throug wait times so it honestly could have been me) but by the end, i was attached to the character. I honestly wish there were a sequel to this game and many others have said the same. (some unanswered questions and the world would be neat to expand on)



If you're a type of person that loves apocalyptic fiction and gets emotionally attached to characters, this is the game for you. You follow Sam through what is essentially a zombie-outbreak (but original and complex) and help him to make decisions crucial to his survival. There are some minor translation issues (I find them cute but others have found these mistakes irritating). The ads are fair, keep in mind this is a free app that took months to create. 30 seconds is worth the experience!



This is an interactive story based on a military experiment gone wrong, you text with this girl who's trapped in it and trying to find her family while staying alive when there's basically zombies & evil people after her. I really enjoyed the texting back and fourth. and even though the game only lasted a few days it was still exciting, fun, and I enjoyed getting her texts in real time. it's cool.



This is a great story and at first i was fine waiting but these waits are starting to get painful and it kills the dramatic effect, i wait about 3 minutes for 3 responds with barely any results. i would be more than happy to watch the ads but unfortunately they don't work so I'm forced to wait and try to catch up, on the story, which doesn't help with the immersion what so ever. please fix this bug, because i want to get soaked into the game, it has so much potential



Aside from the other reviews telling you about the constant interruptions and wait, I'm more peeved by the slowness of each text coming through. Wish there was a button to make all the texts come out at once. Even exiting the game waiting for replies doesn't make the texts come out like a normal situation while doing something else. It just stops there and when you resume the game, it still has to go through each text slowly (I was trying to restart the game early on and found this too slow).



The story is so beautiful it moved me to tears. I totally reccomend that you dont skip ads ever, because it just adds to the beauty and realism. 10 stars if I could. Only thing, I'd like to see the very beginning fleshed put a little bit. Having some number text you that is apparently supposed to be someone really close to you, but you dont know them, makes no sense.



I really enjoyed another game by this developer, so was looking forward to this one. Game mechanics were interesting, especially the immersion with wait times to make you feel like it was an actual conversation. However, the main character that you are helping was so annoying, I didn't finish because I couldn't stand "talking" to them. They were unable to make even a simple decision. I understand this may be part of the gamification of the situation, but not for me.



It was amazing! At times I felt so immersed in the game that the second Sam texted me I picked up. One thing that is wrong is the spelling errors or rather grammar errors that felt off and slightly ruined immersion. And my last complaint is that I wish there was more! This was one hell of a ride and I'm getting the second one if it costs under 10 dollars. Truly a great game.



The pacing/ad mechanism is not good at all. It wants to create immersion by having a 'real time' aspect to the problem. However the wait times are so frequent that every 20 seconds you will have one and the only way to play the game at a reasonable pace is to watch adverts constantly...which takes you OUT of the immersion. It feels like a ad grab at every moment. Painful. UI graphics are really nice though and the little dialogue I have seen seems good.



The free version of Dead City is very, very good. The waiting to chat with Sam in real time makes this very realistic and you can skip it if you want to. The amount of paths to choose is high, so replaying it or doing challenges for fun is just as rewarding as the last time. It does bring up some gore, and the explanation for the opacalypse is a bit cliche, but it does make a lot of sense. My only complaint is the english translation being a bit finicky, but this can be easily worked around.


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