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D-Link Wi-Fi

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Developer: D-Link Corporation
Categories: Work
Android version: 4.3+
Size: 53.2 MB
Downloads: 1
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Updated: 16.12.2021
Limitations: Everyone


D-Link Wi-Fi is a tool for conveniently setting up D-Link home wireless networks and further managing them using Android devices.

What the app can do

An updated set of tools that are offered along with the D-Link Wi-Fi application give the user a lot of options for flexible configuration of a home wireless D-Link Wi-Fi network. Moreover, it became possible to control many of its parameters using a smartphone or tablet. To do this, you no longer need to boot your computer and go to the web interface.

Advanced Wireless Home Network Management is the first thing I recommend downloading this app.

The user can literally at one glance at the interface determine the state of the network, the quality of the connection and find out which devices are currently connected.

The most original solution of the developers is the ability to manage the network directly from a mobile device:

  • Perform a lot of settings without connecting to a computer;
  • Find the necessary functions and data inside an intuitive interface, not overloaded with details and unnecessary information;
  • The ability to track directly from a smartphone who connected to the network and when. This can be useful, for example, if you suspect that someone is making an unauthorized connection.

For each family member, you can set flexible parameters for accessing the network. For example, determine at what time children can visit the Internet. The functions of the so-called parental control will probably come in handy.

And if guests suddenly come to you, you can instantly select an unprotected wireless channel for them. This can be done by scanning a specially generated graphic code, or through a message in the messenger.

If there is a need to update the software, the program will do everything in a fully automated p�In the mode. The user does not even have to interrupt his work on the Internet. Moreover, you can independently configure the update time when few people use the network, or it is completely idle. This will bring minimal inconvenience to users.

D-Link Wi-Fi gives you the ability to stream, play online and transfer files with minimal disruption.

It is important to know that the program is intended solely for local network access. To use all the D-Link Wi-Fi functions, you must provide the mobile devices from which you are configuring full access to all network functions.

To get access to the advanced functions of the wireless network, the user should use the program's Web interface through a computer.

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