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Name Crime Revolt - Online FPS (PvP Shooter) Extension: xapk
Version: 2.18 Size: 248.4 MB

Comments on Google play



Good game ,( unkillable bots , really expensive equipment and guns, good guns and skins only purchasable with real money, the more you pay the more powerful you are , can't jump , pay to win )



Very fun game at first when I seen the prices I was shocked like the swarm is more than $40k but I got 25k in a day.The zombie mode is amazing too but if you are with very skilled players and you got infected it takes a while to kill them especially if they have 200 armor.Please in the next update add a SINGLE PLAYER OFFLINE MODE! For practise!! Oh and I think it will be a bad idea if you guys add a radar cuz it will be VERY hard for new players to get melee kills cuz you can't ambush with it.



this game scammed me.i wanted to change my name, after I pressed the button change in exchange for 500 in game credits, it started to lag. I continued to keep pressing as it was lagging. then instead of taking away 500, it took around 4000. what the hell. this game sucks. the people look so ugly. there is no jump button in game despite I made the control settings. the controls is just trash



It is is a very fun game granted it has some bugs, and I wish i did not have to pay to have a fair advantage, one thing for the developer is to add jump to all modes that is feature all modes should have



Ekdon games please help me. When I open this game in my old phone it takes 2mins for loading. But now when I open the game in my new phone it takes 30mins for loading and after loading game crashes. Plz tell me the solution. This is my favorite game 😢😢😢



Not a good game at all it just another game that is pay to win, The gun are so inaccurate shouldn't be able to kill someone to with a shotgunthe same distance away as you can with the long rifle. the graphics suck it laggs constantly and everyone switching teams constantly



Very2 good game!! And the graphics too!! I hope you can make the survival battleground games like *PUBG* and FREE FIRE!! Its maybe be a good idea for your team development!! Im very support you very much and rate 5 stars again if you make the survival battle royale game!! Thanksss!!!



This game is ... not bad it's good but when battle ends it again starts a match u can't go to lobby again and when you leave the match it brings an ad so the batlle is good but the lobby and the ads are awful it's just a bad game .



It's very good in the start but after the updates it's become worse and second thing when we are healing up why do we act like animals. I seriously don't understand that and in zombie survival the zombies have like more hp than needed but that fine, oh ya and how can I forget abt the weapons which are so costly and on the other hand we get such less money per kill do something abt this. Oh and too many wall, radar, autoaim hacker.



For some reason they deleted my last review !! Obviously they don't want me exposing the terrible matchmaking. Utterly terrible weapon glitches. The crazy amount of spawn camping in deathmatch, the cheaters in this game are unreal with health bugs and weapon bugs. Just needs a tremendous amount of work. You made a game that was fun for all of 10 levels then it's utterly unfair and just stupid gameplay unless you drop money 100% just to stay up to par with your enemies in matchmaking.

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