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Comments on Google play



Doesn't display the real temperature of the cpu. Says static 20C and doesn't change. Latest Android software version



Really good app, but I would suggest tweaking the 24hr temperature chart to have some sort of indicator that allows the user to determine the temperature.



It is ok....well the free one is, the app it's self runs in the background and makes overall performance worse and it is not accurate to what the settings on my phone say for things like temperature, ram usige, ect so if you're using it for reference that's fine but I would rather trust the settings built into my phone to tell me stuff like that.



Your application's features is good but cpu temperature shows wrong and constant number that also less than real condition, please fix it quickly, thanks.



Start using and data is immediately skewed to make you use their app to "cool down" your phone. I found this out because I'm camping in a cold room, went to use my phone to tell what the tempature is roughly, and come to find that its somehow 91 F even though its more like 60 F if not colder. My phone has been off for several hours on battery saver, only been turned on for 5 minutes at most. Do not use this scamware.



Doesnt work, temperature not accurate at all, rather just a waste of space, resources, and time. Don't get this as the temperature displayed only shows as more or less the same no matter what process you're running, the temperature also gets displayed much higher than it really is and it's disappointing. So yea, don't recommend, don't rely on this at all.



Take warning! It took me a week to figure out how to get rid of this app it doesn't show up in my apps and it sends notifications all the time even during videos! This app is worthless! Thank God I figured a way to get rid of it today. When you push on the app it takes you to a load a pay for app. However. If you back out and take the ratings option it will pop up and you can uninstall the stupid thing! The worst part is when you tap the notice you cant get the app to show up.only the app info🤬



Why does an app that monitors CPU performance require access to so much information, such as location, and all files on the device, including pictures? I refuse to update this simply so it can collect yet more personal information. This is begining to look like spyware. It might redeem itself if it was accurate, but that appears to not be the case.



At last, the first application to show CPU temperature and so other informations about the hardware, bravo!!!



No way to quit the app, it keeps running in the background when closed.


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