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Name Construction Simulator 2 Lite Extension: xapk
Version: 1.14 Size: 590.8 MB

Comments on Google play



Good game, fairly original. Its a good game with some cool machines, it needs more machines though. Dynamics are well designed and executed, would make the 5$ purchase agian. But would pay an extra 5$ for a dozen more machines and missions.



The game has amazing gameplay and graphics and is probably the best construction game i have played but why is there only one mission at the beggining then you have to pay? Please let us do more missions. And please add a steering wheel and arrows feature. That would be nice. But this is awssome game!



Played this before on a different phone. Instalked on the phone I currently have. It is a great game. Only problem is when the game first starts and has you look at the financial overview, when I click financial overview and then ok, the pop up isnt going away 😒 clicked ok several times. it goes for a split second and comes back



Awesome game! The realism and detail is surprising for just a mobile phone app. Great selection of equipment and machines. Well done on the simulation and timelines. Have spent hours on this game and still not bored or tired of it. Keep up the great work.



Awful. Map useless and waypoints difficult to use. PAINFULLY SLOW DRIVING AND WORK MODES. Camera switches making driving or working worse. Earlier 2014 version was better. Too annoying to play without cursing. Moving camera around is not smooth jerking as adjusted as is throttle controls. Add the other problems of vehicles going airborn when automatic navigation is used placing them upside down or on the sides blocks away from the destination.



Love the game... Very addictive! I've paid the $4.99 to unlock all machines and locations, but the expansion file hasn't been working/downloading lately. I want to download the full version, but don't want to pay again.



Great game. I play it all the time! I wouldnt mind seeing a small dump truck/pickup and small equipment trailer. Maybe a bobcat, mini excavator and telehandler. Also it would be nice to load the paver and roller on the same trailer for doing paving jobs. Both trailers can handle that weight in real life. Other then that it's a great game!



This is a great game! The graphics are AMAZING!! Its so fun to play This has all sorts of construction vehicles there are so many Jobs to do! You can upgrade your home base And travel to different towns ! I am very happy with this game and I hope they make more games like this! Disclaimer, the front part of the game is the DEMO and the full version costs mony



It is a good game. I really like the banking feature. My only real complaint is....when using the a. crane there are times it is really difficult to see the hook ups when your picking up or placing down. Maybe another feature could be added to make it easier to see?



This game is a phenomenal representation of construction work. Earthmoving machines operate very realistically. Soil reacts to cutting edge realistically. Even back dragging works. Concrete pours realistically. Cranes and materials behave accurately. The different brands of equipment eben handle differently. I've enjoyed building several profiles through the storyline. There's always room for more jobs, equipment, and the storyline. Increasing sensitivity to damage would add a challenge

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