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Color Master - Free Coloring Games

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Developer: Smart Fun Casual Games
Categories: Entertainment
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 17 MB
Downloads: 9
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Updated: 17.07.2020
Limitations: Everyone


Color Master - Free Coloring Games is a unique application for the Android platform. It allows the user to draw, edit and color images to their liking. Using the video capture function, it is possible to take a frame from a movie or TV series. You can download the application for free from our website.


There are two interaction modes in Color Master - Free Coloring Games. The first is simple coloring, and the second is to create pictures from childhood dreams or imagination. In the first mode, you can refer to the special library installed in the application. There will be an extensive collection of paintings without paints. They are scattered in folders with titles for specific topics. You need to select your favorite theme and click on the picture to make it appear on the screen. You can now start painting with the tools below.

The voice assistant function is available if necessary. The directions are optional, although they are helpful. If it gets in the way of your creative process, just turn off hints. It is not at all necessary to bring the picture to full compliance with the original, rather the opposite. Your imagination extends far beyond standard images. You can use not only the colors of the rainbow, but also combine them, getting different shades.

The program even has a function of gold, silver and other metallic colors. In the second mode, you need to enter the drawing function. A large number of different tools are provided to create a picture. There are brushes, pencils, pens, curly and artistic pens, and more. The possibility of drawing with your fingers is not excluded. The system will automatically correct image imperfections. After applying all the finishing touches, the painting will go to the coloring program. Your images are automatically copied to a separate folder for future use.

Additional functions

The application provides a frame grabber function. When watching movies or TV shows on your mobile device using the program, you can copy a scene from a film strip and use it as a background for your picture. In addition, the objects in the frame lend themselves to coloring according to your needs. There is also a function to save the achieved result. This will help stop work and then resume from the last moment.

Color Master - Free Coloring Games for downloaded 9 times. Color Master - Free Coloring Games is distributed freely in the file type xapk.

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