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BlockPuz: Jigsaw Puzzles &Wood Block Puzzle Game

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Developer: Rejoy Studio
Categories: Puzzles
Android version: 5.0+
Size: 125.6 MB
Downloads: 26
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Updated: 20.08.2022
Limitations: Everyone


BlockPuz is a free set of quirky jigsaw puzzles. Instead of standard paintings, disassembled into fragments, here you will collect figures from wooden blocks.

A great game for puzzle lovers

Looking for a way to have a good time playing an interesting mobile game, as well as train along the way brain? Then you will surely like this app. In the latest version of BlockPuz you will find not one but a whole set of interesting puzzles. Among them:

  • BlockPuz. In this mode, you will be given a picture divided into figures. Your task is to use the figures from the bottom of the phone screen to collect the original image. If you have any difficulties, you can use the hint. There is also an option to replay the level if you hit a dead end.
  • Water Sort. As you can easily guess by the name, this is a water pouring puzzle. You are given several vessels: some are empty, and the other - with multi-colored liquids. Use the available test tubes wisely to sort the water by color through transfusions. It is important that liquid can be poured either into an empty vessel, or if there is a liquid of the same color in it. If the level is too difficult, you can get an extra test tube by watching ads.
  • Puzzilla. This mode is similar to BlockPuz, but this time, you have to collect segments, which will eventually be assembled into one large image.
  • HexPop. In this mode, you have to place hexagons with numbers on the playing field in such a way as to combine the same into groups of 3 or more. Such blocks will merge into one, and the number on them will be doubled. Try to get to as many as you can before the board runs out of space.
  • WoodCube. This mode is similar to Tetris, with some differences. Shapes will not slide down from the top of the smartphone screen. Instead, you will select them and place them on the field yourself. Collect full vertical or horizontal rows of blocks to remove them from the playing field. Try to score as many points as possible until the field runs out of space for new pieces.

It is worth noting that the game is distributed free of charge and does not require constant access to the Internet. A Russian translation will be a nice addition.

You can always download the latest version of BlockPuz for Android from

BlockPuz: Jigsaw Puzzles &Wood Block Puzzle Game for downloaded 26 times. BlockPuz: Jigsaw Puzzles &Wood Block Puzzle Game is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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