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I aboslutely love this game. It is amazing, i love the fine details. The voice acting. And the gameplay. The only reason i give it 4 stars is that it always seems to disconect from servers. The problem only happens sometimes. And i never lose progress due to it. It is simply just something that bothers me. Other than this, the game is absolutely flawless.



Gameplay is pretty awesome. The amount of menu buttons is definitely too much. Rating would be 4 ☆'s, maybe even 5 given more play time. But I rate the game an overall 3 because the amount of "pay money" sections are laughable. Even the button labeled "Events", which one would think would take you to events, takes you to a pay store.. cut away 60% of your different stores and you'll get 4 ☆'s easily. Until then you're pushing people away.



Fun game, but has quite a few bugs! It seems to be in the development phase still as there are some bugs that need to be fixed. Sometimes I encounter NPCs in T pose, or a button gets blacked out. The dialogue and messages from the system don't always make sense; the English is somewhat broken. Overall, this game is mostly about allocating your resources properly to pass others in spiritual pressure. Heavily p2w game, but you can still succeed as a f2p if you're smart about it!



So when I first downloaded this game before I deployed I thought it was going to be another game based on my favorite anime/manga. But its actually pretty cool from the 3D style to the combat moves. It's not bad. My only real issue is with the character drawing. Its done in puzzle pieces as opposed to getting the whole character. But other than that I LOVE IT!



Starts out well then the thrill stalls a bit. The controls are close together and make it hard to focus on the action and the fighting itself is hard to see with the weird angles the game takes. You only know when a heavy attack is about to happen so regular attacks are hard to dodge. Leveling up characters becomes difficult after getting a team to around 40. Overall it's a good time killer but I'll be bored with it soon and only playing sporadically.



So far so good, I've been playing a good bit and the progression from task to task is quick. There is a lot of fun to be had here. The pass is quick the graphics are good I did kinda expect better, but they're not bad at all. The controls are easy to follow and allow for many different combinations depending on what is happening. Over all I'm in for awhile anyway and would recommend to any anime fan.



The game itself is amazing and I love the way it brings up crucial moments in the anime. The only downplay the game has is the jam packed servers that makes very difficult to get into the game and play for a certain amount of time until the game says: "Reconnecting" which it being a beta explains a lot but it's just a major thing to point out during the time the real game comes out.



I'm playing on a Samsung Galaxy S9 via WiFi (100Mbps) and the server disconnects are happening every 2 minutes. Every server is nearly full. Unfortunately, to play the game means suffering through 'reconnect error 28' every 2 minutes. Still a fun game though! I love the battle system, character versatility, and the 'cutscenes' from the anime. This game has great potential, but please pay for more power on the back-end.



Good concept, great graphics, but still needs work. English translation can be pretty rough. Certain parts of the game, such as the arena feature feels broken since you need to be overwhelmingly stronger than the opponent to win in the time limit. Overall fun game and look forward to future updates.



Game is fun and easy to learn. Easy to get into and play for a little while or for long periods of time. Only issue I have is the recruitment where I have to watch the full animation if I do one at a time (have 4 recruitment tickets and have to click one more each time and watch the animation) it's a short animation but can become tedious 9 times in a row for example. Only complaint. Other than that a great fun game.


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