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Name Bendy in Nightmare Run Extension: xapk
Version: 1.4.3676 Size: 196.9 MB

Comments on Google play



i feel as it doesn't have good controls they should give the player more ability to move instead of swiping they should have where can move where ever instead of 3 lanes also i think you should have a cut scene when you first play so you can understand what your goal is. I didn't know what i was doing and got a head because of that and the last thing is in the main menu i think it shouldn't all static that be awesome these were fixed thank you.



I really do enjoy the gameplay and the concept of it,etc. Except one thing, the response to touch. Its like its delayed. Or just wont work unless i do it again multiple times. Like sometimes i do the motion to jump but when i do it,sometimes it wont respond to the motion of which to make to make bendy jump. If you fix this,then the game is perfect. Idk if its my phone or the game itself. Nonetheless, keep up the good work.



My 5 yr old introduced me to Bendy a short time ago, and we've put the PC game on our wishlist. In the meantime, we grabbed this endless runner to keep busy, and found it quite fun. I would agree that there seems to be a slight delay in an action resulting in on-screen results, and should be addressed. I'd also say that the costumes(?) At least the first one, should lower in cost a touch. Other than these two issues, Bendy certainly has the character to keep you smiling, a wonderful art style, an addictive quality you want, plenty of fun to spare, and BEYOND the fairness level than is normally expected to the free player. As is, the delay in action is enough to keep it from reaching 5-star, but that one fix would make Bendy a top tier phone game! Kudos!



Great graphics and concept. Love the style of the the game. Can't tell if its lagging or is the way it suppose to be and at the end of levels the next button is missing and can t continue without tapping everything at the bottom till it changes to next or menu. Took me awhile to stop force closing the game and discover the tapping bottom of the screen to move on... pls FIX ... otherwise great game looking forward to more levels



The game is fun, nice controls fun gameplay but has a lot of bug issues. Like when I finish a level and the music just stops. Forcing me to exit out of the game and choosing the new level. I also would like there to be an option to exit a level while playing it. I hate it when I try to complete an objective and I dont meet the requirements such as not taking damage so i have to die or exit the game. Game can be improved but over all a good experience.



A fun game. However, there are a few issues. Firstly, in sections where the boss shoots three fireballs at a time, – even in low quality mode – the game slows down to an unplayable rate, causing inevitable health loss that seems unfair. Secondly an immersion-breaking issue is a bug that occurs after completing an act. The game's sound is permanently muted after completing it, and it seems that there is no way to fix this other than restarting the app. Even then, it happens almost every time!



While I like the boss runner idea, the controls were very clunky and it hurt my hand after about 20 minutes of playtime to be swiping back and forth quite forcefully to get a response. The game has no real replay value to it... which was disappointing. I would've expected a more exciting progression to the game; as it's very slow and you have to play the same boss about 12 times (or more if you're not a one-hit runner) to get the rewards, which are very minimal and very unsatisfying after about 30 minutes of angrily swiping and retrying. While I love bendy and co., this game needs a lot of work... I absolutely love the costumes bendy has though!



Great game! However it could be better. Firstly there are quite a lot of bugs in the game. Whenever an add plays for me and then finishes, the games audio completely shuts off and the only way to fix it is to restart the game. The other major bug is when Chester and Dewey do that one attack that rains down stuff, the game lags horrendously to the point where I usually die or can't complete a challenge because of it. This is a great game but these bugs are what prevent me from giving it 5 stars.



It was great, my game will freeze at certain points though and won't be able to move on, my phone is good enough to handle the game but when it freezes like that I have to restart my game, certain background sounds will be there it just won't let me move on. For example, I died and gave me the option to watch an ad for extra life, I clicked the button and it was clicking but no ad was popping up and I couldn't get out of the screen, I had to reset my game, this has happened numerous times now. This gets fixed and ill change rating.



For some reason after I leave the game but keep it tabed, then come back, all the music and sound cuts out. Like when an ad pops up and I'm sent back to the game there's just, Nothing. And it has nothing to do with the settings or volume or because I'm wearing ear buds. I've checked all that and they're not the problem. Other than that I love it. There's no lag, no bug problems other than the sound, and I love the layout and enimies for each run

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