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Comments on Google play



Works OK except for one massive FAIL. The email checker does not recognise my login details even after entering them 10 times (and checking twice by using them to access my email). This glaring defect in an otherwise fine app suggests it is not reliable - in a security app that is a FAIL. Another annoyance is the pointless empty widget permanently placed on the lock screen which stops my calendar widget showing. EDIT: Avira gave a link to their Support but it's only for licence holders, not me.



I use Avira on my laptop and phone and its a wonderful, easy to use, streamlined app. No annoying pop ups either. Just protection. I recommend this software to anyone looking for added security on their devices. Absolutely worth downloading for the free features and premium features are affordable and worth the price.



It's great, sorta. I paid for a year subscription w/o vpn. Reset my phone. It works, then updates break subscription. Then a check license button is required to make it work again. Ah, well, I guess I'll keep in mind to look to see if the subscription is broken after every update.



This app doesn't work or isn't able to secure your phone if it's using Android 11. I am running Android 11 on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. I have given accessibility permissions on my phone about three times in a row for Avira Security and all of it's features, but every time I restart my phone Avira isn't running or protecting me anymore. The web Shield and app only runs till you restart your device. This makes the app fairly useless beyond doing periodic manual A/V scans.



I really like this app. Tried browsing to some malicious website, and Avira blocked it. And now, I subscribe to the Prime plan. Overall, it's great. However, I found one bug after subscribing to the Prime plan. After a few days of always using the built-in VPN, a notification appears that essentially tells me that I've used up all the VPN traffic and have reached the limit. And the VPN can't be used either. Why did it happen? Even though I already subscribed to Prime. Please fix this🙏🏻



This app is useless. It doesn't do anything that I can see. Sposed to shut down background apps and clean cache.. It does neither. I can run both those utilities and then go to my apps list, and all apps it says were shut down are still running, and cache for said apps are still bloated. Makes me wonder if it does anything at all..... Un-installing.



So apparently now it's okay to abuse the"malware notification" to push me ads for avira sales?! I seriously regret renewing avira. Already removed it from my windows box for similar bs. Anything that tries to push "optimizer" or "cleaner" for Android automatically loses points. Those are worthless. I'm done. Total waste of time and money. Thanks for not bothering to point out you're going to auto renew.



So far pretty good. Not sure exactly what may be going on with the company itself or what not but I would like to be able to select what files and cache files are being deleted eventually I'll give you some more feedback. Not sure how much knowledge you have of Apple products and software but I would strongly start to look into that a little bit. Had used this program on my laptop a while ago when I add it and it was pretty good but definitely a little bit different than a laptop.



Used this app for a while and liked it. But after the last update there is a notification stuck on my phone that can't be removed. I like to clear notification on my phone or keep important ones I need there. I don't want some app using this space because it thinks it can. Emailed support about the issue and have been ignored. Removing that app.



Been having issues with it not running all the time. The icon that shows up in the corner just goes away and doesnt come back up for a while. Someone did manage to log in from somewhere else and change my spotify info, I thought I was protected. I actually paid for more protection. I have logged out and uninstalled this app for now. Ive never had a problem with it before that I know of i went on support help and it came up from a different country I couldnt read anything.


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