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Comments on Google play



The app is fun when it works properly. I prefer to play on a chromebook & it used to work perfectly. Something changed about 6 months or so ago. Now, somedays it works great somedays it forcefully kicks my connection every few minutes. It's not my wifi, as I can play on my phone all day long. I've cleared cache, turned off bluetooth, uninstalled/reinstalled, rebooted router, etc. Nothing has fixed this issue. No help can be found on Reddit or elsewhere online. I've even bought a new chromebook.



If I could I would actually give this app no star at all because you can't even play it long enough to even experience the game without it crashing. I had to restart customization of my avatar at least five times before it was accepted. Once I was finally in then it started crashing approximately every two and a half minutes. This sucks because I really wanted to play with this app. Guess it's best to just uninstall it if it's not usable. Hope you guys fix this soon. The bugs are not fixed.



I LOVE IT!!!! the only problem is when sometimes when I try to play the loading takes FOREVER and It crashes. It glitches a lot too, I wish I could give it 5 stars, sorry and I wish you could start with more than 1000 coins, like a lot more 😅 like I dunno maybe at least 5 thousand? And the characters look funky.. sorry if this all sounds rude.. -ADRIANAK



It's a fun game at most times. But the fashion shows no, they aren't fair. There's people who actually pay for wings,clothes, makeup ect. Just to look good for the fashion shows and they pick people who barely try. Pick people who actually spend money and look great and who actually stick to the fashion topic.



App was great back then, I can't say anything about now. Avakin keeps having bugs literally! It's tiring. My loading screen has been stuck at 88% for 2-3 weeks (I think). I worked hard for that account, and I can't lose it just like that. I also spent a lot of money on it. this is unfair, customer service takes forever to respond. do better! por favor. Thank you.



Clothing section needs an upgrade especially the male section!! Everything seems to be so outdated. Don't get me wrong there are some good pieces but not a lot which means we can't express are own style as much! Would be awesome if you added pieces that can be combined with other clothing pieces like belts and chains & be able to switch up colors on clothes & hair. Also give us some ear piercings, more beanies and a punk section with ripped jeans, tanks, & to be able to tone are muscles more!



I would really like to be able to interact with pets and have more than just dogs follow me around. Defeats the purpose of buying different pets. Also, I wish you could mix and match idle animation sets. I like the sitting animation but don't like the running or laying down animation. I should be able to change individual animations between the sets I own. More activities would be nice to. Movie theaters, sports, watching tv, mini games on arcade machines. Not everyone cares about fashion.



This game is quite interesting. It's nice because it has plenty of pets to buy, But it's like real life. You have to feed your pet to keep it happy, Which will give you XP, which you can use to level up, Which will give you coins, Which you can use to buy whatever you want to buy. But, This game is soooo expensive for no reason, And you need a lot of coins to get wings, But you can buy coins with real cash, But it's not worth the price. I'd give all five stars if you made it a little cheaper. 😶



I absolutely love this game. I have since I started but it has issues. 1. Is price of houses and other items have gone sky high. 2. I keep losing avacoins way more in store. Like I bought a house and lost 300 avacoins more than house cost. 3. Certain areas of game glitches and freezes bad or you can't get into the area at all. If the bugs were fixed and the money not taken game would be perfect as it is it isn't. It's totally a fun game to play and only one I play on the playstore just with bug



I've been playing the game for a year and for awhile the game seemed to be improving, there were always new events happening, and things to look forward to, but since Halloween the game has just gone completely downhill, the events have been a joke, the Christmas event had no new prizes or badges, the prices for everything have sky rocketed and yet the ability to earn coins has become even more difficult, even limiting the amount of mystery boxes it let's you open.. Very disappointing..


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