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Category: Simulators

Размер: 123.6 MB

Updated: 30.07.2021

Developer: DeNA Co., Ltd.

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Attack on Titan TACTICS is a strategy game in which titans rule the world and humanity lives behind a 50-meter wall. Humanity has finally gained its freedom.

10-year-old boy Eren Jagger wants to see a different world, but he is forbidden to travel abroad. Eren calls humanity animals that live in a pen. But everything changes when one titan destroyed the wall, then the guy will use the chance to get to another world.

Game features:

  • Track your warriors in real time;
  • 50+ characters, each with their own abilities;
  • If you want to survive, gather your team;
  • Complete Attack on Titan Season 1;
  • Incredible voice-overs;
  • Unique stories that you won't find anywhere else;

Technical requirements:

  • Android 5.0 and up;
  • 2 GB memory;
  • H86 gadgets are not supported;
  • Recommended Wi-Fi Download;
  • If the device does not have the specified specifications, this application will not be supported. Also, if there is any instability please contact support.


  • ren Jager is a dreamy guy who wants to see the world behind the wall, for this he joined a scout to see the world on the other side. His character is playing a bad joke on him.
  • Mikasa Ackermann is the girl who lives with Eren after he saved her life, now she's protecting him.
  • Armin Arlelt is a grandfather who is a childhood friend, a very intelligent and timid friend.
  • Levy is the most powerful intelligence commander among humanity.
  • Erwin Smith is a regiment commander, ruthless, but deserves Levy's respect.

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Version History

Attack on Titan TACTICS 1.2.03
20.06.20 68.1 MB Download
Attack on Titan TACTICS 1.2.12
20.06.20 67.4 MB Download
Attack on Titan TACTICS 1.3.02
20.06.20 67.5 MB Download
Attack on Titan TACTICS 1.8.12
12.05.20 67.2 MB Download

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