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Category: Strategies

Размер: 127.9 MB

Updated: 23.08.2023

Developer: Łukasz Jakowski

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Age of Civilizations II is a cool military strategy game in which you will have to master military tactics and diplomacy in order to unite with allies or take over the whole world.

Have you always wanted to become a conqueror? Or maybe you like a quiet life? In this game, you can choose both paths and play the role of a great king in your universe. Time does not stand still, for one epoch replaces another. Start with the tribe and lead the people to true prosperity. Earn the glory and recognition of your subordinates in this historic campaign!

Also, playing Age of Civilizations II, you can learn more about the history, because the game map is as detailed and correctly built as possible. If you do not want to play according to an already known scenario, try to come up with an interesting and exciting storyline that will be different from others. You can always achieve unity through diplomacy or battle. Including the game, remember, you are now the creator of history!

Features of Age of Civilizations II


  • Unusual graphics.
  • Standard gameplay.
  • Realistic world map.
  • You can create your own script.
  • Many different civilizations.
  • Interesting diplomacy system.

The Age of Civilizations is just that case when the game is addictive for many days and hours, and you can play it literally every minute of your free time. Just an eightieth level time killer that must be on any Android device! Download the latest version of the Age of Civilizations Lite strategy for android.


The developers didn't pay enough attention to details. The picture does not look bright. There are no special effects here. But copies of combat vehicles are made accurately, the world map is drawn perfectly.

Installation Guide

You can download Age of Civilizations Lite absolutely free on your Android device. Download the installation APK file to your phone. Then, if you haven't done so before, allow your device to download apps from unknown sources. This must be done once. Then use any file manager. Open the program with it and click the button responsible for the installation. Agree to the permissions and wait for the full installation of the game. Now conquer the world.

Age of History II - Lite for downloaded 16 times. Age of History II - Lite is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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  • Real world map.
  • Well-developed system of diplomacy.
  • Large selection of civilizations.
  • You can play with friends in Hotseat mode.
  • Built-in script editor.
  • Free to play.
  • The game is fully Russified.

Version History

Age of History II - Lite 1.059125_LITE
02.01.23 127 MB Download
Age of History II - Lite 1.059124_LITE
30.07.21 127.1 MB Download
Age of History II - Lite 1.01415_ELA_LITE
10.06.20 129.7 MB Download

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