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Name 94 Degrees Extension: apk
Version: 3.2.9 Size: 42.8 MB

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Too many ads, never this hot/cold thing, wrongs answers. Stuck on lvl 422, pinned the whole face and never got it right (makeup: Corrector). When you click for a hint it loads another app for another game and takes you back to same level w no hint. Deleting the app.



too easy and too hard at the same time. some questions are based on knowledge such as where the metacarpal is. but others like where a quarter of the pipe is, they're just stupid and lives-consuming. honestly now that I completed the game in a few days I'm heavily underwhelmed. don't recommend honestly.



Started off really well but there are some anomalies. Doing the timed activities especially things aren't accurate and I cannot progress further as even when showing 94 it doesn't register. I did enjoy it for a few days but guess will need to upgrade to premium to progress further.



Sometimes "Football" is used the American way the sometimes the 'English' way. I think this can be confusing as I got asked to tap the "Football: Penalty Spot". So I assumed you used English vocabulary. Then, I was asked to tap the "Football". So I assumed it was the 'soccer' ball as the language used previously was 'English'. So I tapped the soccer ball. The correct answer was the American football... I think this is a small error that can be fixed by sticking to a certain countries "words". But I now see the devs are French? Merci pour le joue? Great game though.



Impossible to complete. On one of the challenge levels (after level 658) it's supposed to ask 10 questions, but only asks 7, so it's not possible to reach the required score to enable you to progress further. A fundamental programming error for which there is no excuse. Uninstalled.



Excellent game, but need to fix bugs. 1 I used the compass and the arrows pointed towards one place and the right answer was in totally different place. 2 Sometimes you are getting closer to the right spot and there is no temperature difference



Like the concept of giving you a chance to find the answer but if I get on a roll of 4 or 5 answers in a few seconds, It comes to a screeching halt with more ads. Played for 20 minutes sat through almost 10 minutes of unskippable ads. Uninstalled.



I was going through the levels pretty easily until the Missouri river level and I was on burning and I couldn't get past because there was apparently only one location for it that I couldn't find and I couldn't finish the level because you have to wait for pins to regen for the next day. Also the amount of ads makes me want to reeeeeeeeee



Just genuinely fun and timeless. The limited guesses can be annoying but its also good to stop me getting too carried away. I play it with my family all the time and great to test your general knowledge!



The game is a lot of fun, would just be nice if all the answers were correct (and if all correct answers would be recognized as such ie. ROYGBIV!). Would also be nice if being a fraction a pixel outside of the object (or between the parts of it) didn't result in a 93° (94° being a correct answer) These issues, however, only account for a small fraction of the questions.


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