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Name ZArchiver Extension: apk
Version: 1.0.4 Size: 4.2 MB

Comments on Google play



It is the best app I ever found. It is awesomely easy to use. There are very great and easy means to extract, copy, paste and do all other sorts of stuff. It is great for advanced purposes as well. Overall I would absolutely recommend trying this app.



I LOVE this app!! Is is really fast. It is very easy to use! It has no adverts. It doesn't have any silly features that no one actually uses. It is really good!! It has all the things you need from a file explorer! Why isn't this the default file explorer for most phones?



It's been ages since I've using this App and all I can say is thank you for the consistent good service. It's simple to use, it's basic function of compressing, extracting etc are performed to a tee without any stress. Best file app ever.



I think it's possible this app just deleted alot of stuff that was important to me while trying to move the stuff from internal to SD card it sum how deleted all the files that I can not get back I am devastated I'm not sure if it was this app or a fail in something else but it sure seems to be the app is not copy cutting and moving content correctly use may need to look into this I lost very important stuff I can never get back now fix asap be warned everyone be careful with ur files



1st time to try and very easy to use and Is compressors in many different formats. Unfortunately, even though the file is password protected you're still able to delete the file even though it is still protected. Deletion should not be available when the file is protected.



Simple. Easy. Solid app. But it needs some improvement The settings menu and bar icons are confusing sometimes, Make them more practical, Also why does it need to load when transferring data in the same storage system unlike other apps Other than that, it's a nice app



It's actually really useful. You can easily open .zip or .rar files, and i didn't see a single ad. It does it's job very well and i think that it's something that you would need if you open these types of files on your phone



Hi there, I've been using this app since 2015. As long as i remember, I didn't get to see any major bugs or glitches. but after the recent update, if i move or delete files the storage information remains stuck until i restart the app. Please fix it soon.



A very good app. It performs the work of file manager exceptionally well. Its ability to convert videos to MP3 is magical, better than anything i have used before. You can equally re-convert to video with the app. You can give it a trial.



Taking too much time on either moving or deleting especially when i about to delete or moving a bunch of file inside a folder, taking a couple of minutes is fine my own file manager could do the task under 2 minutes while this app taking almost 6 minutes to doing this. Good feature is that this app could read and bypass those very annoying android 11 restrictions so i could move app data to another folder. And i really hope they change the ui and add more feature to this app.


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