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Volume Booster Pro

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Developer: Media Master AD
Categories: Music and audio
Android version: 4.4+
Size: 3.3 MB
Downloads: 4
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Updated: 30.07.2021
Limitations: Everyone


Volume Booster Pro is a program for Android that will increase the volume of your smartphone a little more than the device actually allows.

Features of Volume Booster Pro

This program will help you listen to music, movie soundtracks, etc. louder than usual. However, this is not a volume control program, it is actually a volume amplification application. According to some measurements, you can increase the volume level by 25 decibels, which is quite a lot.

We can recommend downloading Volume Booster Pro if the standard volume of the standard speaker of your smartphone or headphones does not suit you. If we take a closer look at the options offered by the program, then this is, first of all, an increase in the volume level. Moreover, on all smartphones, without exception.

In addition, the volume of the entire system will increase, including calls, alerts, alarm clock, etc.

In addition, the program can be used as a standard music player with a fairly wide range of sound settings. The settings can be changed at your discretion - all that is required is that you simply rotate the virtual knobs to the desired positions.

Why does it make sense to install Volume Booster Pro on your smartphone:

  • For ease of use;
  • The uniqueness of the program in its kind;
  • A lot of features, but they will not scare a novice user;
  • Simple and intuitive interface;
  • Compatible with almost all Android devices.

Using Volume Booster Pro is very easy:

  • You can simply play music through your favorite player;
  • Download Volume Booster Pro and apply the setting sliders as you see fit;
  • If suddenly the sound volume remains the same, it is recommended to restart Volume Booster Pro - and increase this parameter again.

Use the application with care so as not to cause discomfort to others. Excessive listening to musicExcessive volume through headphones may damage your hearing aids.

In addition, you need to remember about the danger of damaging the speakers of your smartphone if you run Volume Booster Pro for a long time at the maximum volume level.

The program improves with each new version, therefore it is recommended to closely follow all updates.

How to download and install Volume Booster Pro

This version of Volume Booster Pro is offered here absolutely free.

Even without being a computer expert, you can install the program. For this it is suggested:

  • Download the apk file with the application to your computer;
  • Connect your smartphone to your computer with a special cable;
  • Move apk file to any folder on the smartphone;
  • Disconnect the phone from the computer;
  • In any available file browser on your smartphone, find the folder with the transferred apk file.

All that remains is to click it - and start the installation. In a minimum time, the program will be successfully installed on the phone.

In short, everything is quite simple and does not take much time.

Volume Booster Pro for downloaded 4 times. Volume Booster Pro is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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