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Name Touch Lock Extension: apk
Version: 1.0.20054199 GP RELEASE Size: 10.8 MB

Comments on Google play



Its true IT doesnt work my 1yr old baby unlocks IT everytime I lock IT and its so annoying cause I have to always lock IT again and again but she still unlocks IT this app sucks why would google play store sell apps that dont work at all BE REAL GOOGLE PLAY STORE WITH THE PEOPLE AND GIVE THEM REAL APPS THAT DO WHAT THEY SAY AND NOT FAKE APPS JUST TO MAKE $$$$ OFF OF THE PEOPLE I RATE THIS APP A 1 STAR DONT BELIEVE WHAT THE APPS SAY BELIEVE THE REVIEWS PEOPLE



DONT BOTHER INSTALLING. This is honestly the biggesy piece of trash app. Doesn't actually "lock" your screen. Child can still close youtube apo and mess around with other apps on phone.



Having a slightly damaged screen, my phone regularly minimises Apps whilst in use. Using this app to disable those three on-screen buttons should prevent that from happenning, however despite having the feature on, it doesnt stop the home button from working on my device. This means it sporadically closes everything whilst i use my phone. I assume it's working to prevent the back button mis-firing, but maybe that one is just entirely broken! Hard to be sure the app is functioning at all... !



Does exactly what it needs to do and absolutely nothing else. Lock your screen. Doesn't affect buttons, causes major overheat so take phone out of case.



Love it! It works just perfectly! (To all the women complaining, why does your 1 yo have your phone anyway? Give him a toy instead, no?) Only little glitch is that my tablet is old and sometimes the notification disappears. Thanks!



The Ads are now so intrusive that I can't use it. Time to Uninstall



This doesn't work. I liked the idea, but if you accidentally activate the app, you can't get out at all, and the icon where I used to tap to get out, is not there anymore. So I can't use my phone. I'll uninstall this.



Did not work for me. Allowed all permissions that it asked for and after I locked it, the home button, back button, and tabs button was still clickable. Also my Samsung pay was able to be opened too.



Doesn't work ... my toddler can still pull down notifications & access anything there... if it worked right she shouldn't be able to do anything when the lock is enabled. Also to enable it is stupid design... I have to open the app first then use the notifications slide down from the top of my phone to enable. Poor design Not kid proof



Worked well enough for the my use case (tracing images from my screen without bumping the image) however I'm going to blunt here I think the business model sucks. Rather have a free unlimited version with very basic features and sell a pro version with more features. Let me know if this changes and I'd love to use your product again.


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