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This barometer does what's expected. It gathers information from a nearby airport and shares it. Good app.



I live 2.94 miles east of London Heathrow airports climate observation station, which is the weather station that my accurate Barometer links up with twice an hour at 27 and 57 minutes past each hour. I can confirm that accurate Barometer is 100% spot on all the time and I highly reccomend this app. This app now includes an historical temperature graph,so if you want too know how cold it was during the night and at what time,this app will tell you ! You can Also select mph or knots per hour.



I am not far away from an airport and the pressure graph after it has compensated for the height above sea level follows the pressure given out by the airport fairly accurately. I find it interesting to compare the graph with the iso lines in a weather forecast. One thing I would like is another graph showing the pressure over a longer period . I suppose you would have to graph the average pressure over a longer time period.



This app is awesome! I have horrible migraines that are affected by pressure changes and this app is super helpful in helping me predict when my headaches will come. Would give ten stars if possible!



Love it, just like having a real life barometer only this is totally portable!



This works great for me. I suggest the pro upgrade if you are tracking your migraines. I recently had a little issue with the app working, but AR labs reached out to me and helped me get the app working right again.



Finally! This is the BEST app for anticipating pain from plummeting barometic pressure I have found! I literally plan my days around the accurate readings!



It's actually a great app and the ads are short. Very helpful when fishing etc. Also allows you to set the notification time.



Wonderful app for tracking barometric pressure for migraines. Paying for full site was fantastic, because I can now see the previous week! Thanks for a great service! I use this app almost every day.



UPDATE: Thank you AR Labs for fixing the app! It now seems to be working just fine again! (Leaving prior review for now... so, others know you do pay attention to the reviews!!) Thanks again! 😎👍🏻 ***** What happened?? This was working great! Then all of a sudden it stopped working! Won't even open now. Please update & fix. Also, a reply, would be great, to let me know when fixed, so I know when to open it again. I'll update my review when the app is fixed.


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